When Art Mesmerizes and Moves

kseniyaIt’s rare that one stumbles upon a true work of art on the Internet. There’s the cute … the unusual … the funny … the bizarre … the clever. But it’s never mesmerizing art which moves people to tears.

This video of the 2009 winner of Ukraine’s “You Got Talent” show belongs in that final category.

The 24-year old artist, Kseniya Simonova, 24, draws a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II. In Ukraine, the Second World War resulted in one in four of the population being killed with eight to 11 million deaths out of a population of 42 million.

From the description, you may think the work of art is a downer and a bit strange (using a sand table?!?!?) It’s not. The video stirs your heart and fascinates your mind.

Check it out.

Voted Best Commercial in Europe

Need a laugh today?  Watch this commercial – voted the best commercial in Europe!

Portrait of a Woman

This is so cool – take a look at the work of this amazing scribbler – as he draws a woman from the inside out.

Click here.

Hey, Deer – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

pet-tubeWatching an uninvited guest slip through the door has never been so cute! Here’s a 15-second video from PetTube.com you’ll enjoy.

Hugh Jackman Asks, “Can You Hear Me Now?

I saw the play “Jersey Boys” last weekend. (Fabulous musical, BTW!)

Before the lights went down, I shut off my cell phone and then rechecked to make sure it was off four times!! I was paranoid after seeing this clip of Hugh Jackman losing his cool when an audience member’s cell phone went off while he was on stage. hugh-jackman-cell-phone I cringed with sympathy embarrassment, thinking how easy it is to forget to shut off one’s cell phone (or believe you shut it off, but not hold the button down long enough to ensure it’s off). Ugh!

I wonder if this theater patron ever admitted to friends that it was his/her cell phone that caused this infamous “Can you hear me now?” moment.

Something Terrible’s Happenning …

will-ferrellCheck out comedian Will Ferrell and friends as they “get serious” in a public service announcement about the public healthcare option.

“Something terrible’s happenning…”

Teen Cribs Fab 15 Countdown

mtvWhile channel surfing last week, I stumbled across MTV’s show Teen Cribs, a showcase for overly indulged teens, their toys, and their palatial digs. I’ll confess to having a sick fascination with the show. I even devoted 90 minutes over the weekend to the episode detailing the top 15 cribs. (My only defense was that I was sick in bed and it was either that or witness Tiger Woods blow his lead in the PGA tourney.)

If you don’t have an hour and half to waste invest in the full episode, just watch the promo for the Fab 15 Countdown; it’s the first minute of video, after the initial mini-commercial. And be ready to catch your jaw as it drops. As the promo teases, “We’re not talking run-of-the-mill McMansions here.”

Garlic Harvest!

DSC_0482For those of you who ventured into “garlic farming” with me last fall, attached is a link that provides guidance on when and how to harvest your garlic, and what to do with it once it is harvested (click here). I pulled up about 75% of what I planted this past weekend.  I had some really nice sized heads, but some were a little on the small side and probably could have stayed in the ground a little bit longer.  The person who originally told me about planting garlic, someone at the local Nature Center, told me he typically harvested in mid June.  Most of what I’ve been reading recommends late July through mid August – which I think is more on target.  (Of course, the crazy non-ending rain this summer probably did delay the crop).

I must admit I am proud of what I have.  We braided it up, and it’s hanging in our kitchen now. When harvesting, pull gently.  I did break a few of the greens off  and had to go digging with a trowel to find the head.  After I pulled them up, I dipped them gently in a bucket of water to clean the dirt off of the bulb and the roots.  I then put them in the sun to dry.  I later read that I should have not put them in the sun, but a dry place out of direct sunlight.

Depending on the rate at which I use garlic, this should last me at least through the winter.  So time to find some good garlic recipes.  This one for pan-fried garlic shrimp looks like it’s worth a try (and it’s a video!).

Homeowners Not Big Fans of the Oscar Mayer Jingle

wienermobileHope you relish this news clip on the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile that crashed into a home in Wisconsin last week.

A Flight Safety Video To Stay Awake For

air-new-zealandWhile I’m not that frequent a flyer, I am guilty of ignoring the flight attendants as they explain the safety info at the start of each flight. Dumb, I know. My only defense is that I fall asleep within minutes of settling into my window seat. I’ve found that sleeping through take-off is the one, sure-fire way to quell my anxiety during flying.

However, I may have to find a new strategy when/if I fly Air New Zealand. This week’s video is the airline’s in-flight safety video – with crew members dressed only in body paint.

An added bonus: You’ll love their Kiwi accents! Enjoy the “Nothing to Hide” campaign!

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