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Spend an hour over coffee with other women and you walk away from the conversation invigorated and more connected. You listen, talk, laugh and offer opinions. By the end, you feel recharged and a bit wiser.

Coffee Chat with a Thousand Wise Women is a forum for the time-honored tradition of women encouraging and supporting one another. To kick-off discussion, we (Anne and Elaine) serve as your hosts. We offer up our dilemmas, tips for managing daily life, and periodic nuggets of wisdom. Our goal is to create a community of women who figure out ways to take small, positive steps which make life simpler and more enjoyable.

What makes us (and you!) qualified to be called Wise Women? It’s certainly not because we lead perfect lives. We’re Wise Women because, amidst all the craziness in our day, we understand the importance of taking a moment to reflect and remember what makes us tick. We know to seek out other women when we need a reality check, new perspective and even inspiration. Our conversations with Wise Women refuel us, and don’t leave us feeling inadequate or guilty.

So, come join women just like you for a chat over coffee. Let Coffee Chat with a Thousand Wise Women turn your day-dreaming into doing.


  • Ivy Says:
    5-29-2008 07:32:21

    What an amazing idea! Thank you for reaching out to me… I’m looking foward to listening, learning and sharing!


  • Lakshmi Says:
    9-23-2008 07:04:45

    Wonderful idea. How to join the group. Is there a procedure ?

  • admin Says:
    7-21-2009 18:41:46

    This is a great idea!

  • grocerygirl001 Says:
    12-29-2009 09:03:02

    Love making homemade crocheted items for family and friends

  • grocerygirl001 Says:
    12-29-2009 09:06:57

    Don,t know of a website but,if you have a local community center or perhaps you go to church this craft, and no disrespect to our grandmothers because my granny taught me, paid for lessons for meto learn to crochet it is much easier then knitting.

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