A Rather Hectic Spring Done. Now, onto Summer …

DSC_0867I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve sat down to write.  I missed one week, and then the weeks just started piling up.  Then I’m out of practice, and feel pressure to write something REALLY GOOD when I commence writing again.  Well, this promises to not be REALLY GOOD, but just a state of affairs to get everyone caught up. A step back into the world of writing if you will.

Well like everyone, sometimes life just gets a bit busy and over the top, and we have to peel back the onion in some logical fashion, and discard some of those layers if we’re going to survive, at least mentally.  As time passes, there seems to be less and less of it available.  This week marks the last week of school for all the kids, the conclusion to five sports teams, the start of REALLY launching into the college planning cycle for my rising senior and getting him ready for his first job, getting my daughter off to camp in Maine, the start of summer sports, and welcoming our new puppy to the family.

Did I say puppy?  Yikes!  Yes, I finally gave into the puppy pleas early in the year when our neighbor showed up with an adorable puppy similar to the type that I had been researching for the past few years.  While in the past wisdom and managing logistics had always won out and squashed the puppy discussion, this time I looked at my husband and he said – “it’s never going to be a good time.  We might as well just go for it.”  So that I did, and set the wheels in motion. Now I’m looking for homes for two life size “Doug and Melissa” dogs I bought the boys for Christmas, thinking they might just satisfy the puppy craving.  Well, it didn’t work.  If there’s any interest in a Golden Retriever or a Portuguese Water Dog that don’t require food, walking, cleaning up after, or vet visits just let me know.  Pick out which stuffed animal you would like in the above picture.

So this new addition to our family is really quite adorable, bouncy and happy.  I’m adjusting to rolling out of bed at 2AM to take a little walk in the backyard.  Other than that, he’s really been quite easy.  (Although 6 year old Sam commented:  ”Our lives are sure a lot more difficult now.” hmmmm, who’s wiser?)  We even went 2.5 days with no accidents in the house, and I felt truly blessed.  But the stellar record was broken yesterday.   I guess I just have a “normal” puppy!  I’m overwhelmed by the puppy gifts I’ve received.  It’s almost like having a baby.  One of my colleagues has fallen in love with our puppy so much that she has a framed picture of him on her desk!  She is definitely the puppy rep, and people at work are asking me for the breeder’s name.  I’ve also discovered that I can squelch the nasty grumbles of my eight year old when I wake him up if I put the puppy in bed with him to awaken him.  The day starts on a much higher note when a puppy wakes you up versus your mom.

Do I harbor any guilty feelings about not getting a pound puppy?  Oh, yes.  And one of my college friends loves to make me feel guilty about this.  But I decided if I was going to walk down the path of dog ownership, I needed to control the variables as much as possible.  So meet Ozzy, our Australian Labradoodle.  And while I initially wanted to add a girl puppy to the family (Eliza and I certainly feel out numbered in a family of four boys (including Dad), Ozzy’s a boy.  Sam had a different perspective.  “It’s a good thing we got a boy,” he said.  “Otherwise we would have way too many girls in this family – you know, including the eight chickens.”  “Ah yes, the chickens” I said.  I guess in his mind, the girls really do rule the roost.



  • Adriana Says:
    6-24-2011 08:22:43

    What a face!! Is he adorable or what??!! Lots and lots of good luck with him Anne.
    Hopefully THIS baby does not require a 2 a.m. feeding!

    I was excited to see the alert for a Wise Women chat on tap for today! I have missed the interlude and the writing is always, AND ONLY, enjoyable!


  • Stacy Says:
    6-24-2011 08:57:30

    Awww! When we get back from Italy (yes, I had to throw that in there), I’ll bring Gabby over for a play date!

  • Dad Says:
    6-24-2011 14:53:42

    Good stuff. Glad you’re back at it. I miss it,too.

  • Elaine Says:
    6-27-2011 13:34:03

    Wise Women is my home page and now, for at least a little bit, I get to sit down at my computer and see adorable Ozzie! What a great way to start the day!

  • Anne Says:
    7-4-2011 07:10:04

    Elaine – I better start writing then!

  • Cindy's Coffeehouse Says:
    7-12-2011 15:42:45

    What a precious pup! And I’m glad to see that you’re writing your blog again.

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