The Snow Lounge is Open

DSC_0838Another 18 inches of snow, another day at home, and another day for snow creations and expansion of the terrain park. Yesterday the snow lounge opened, complete with couch, club chair and ottoman.  Lunch special was barbequed pork, fried onions, pepperjack cheese and banana pepper paninis (what else are you going to feed a bunch of teen-aged boys?).  I was happy to see that Jack was able to get a little reading in as well.  By the end of the day, two large igloos had been constructed, and the snowboard riding off the deck onto the rail was ongoing.

Ahhhh, not a bad life at all for these kids….



  • Charlotte Says:
    1-28-2011 10:47:34

    Sounds like the Snow Cave diner with that menu! Great photos, loved Jack reading the newspaper.

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