Snow Day!

DSC_0840AM:  Any one up for a backyard barbecue?  Kids are home from school, my office is closed although my husband still managed to leave bright and early for work.  Kids are outside shoveling – probably 18-20 inches of new snow.  Apparently it’s snowing in 48 states today – even the high elevations of Hawaii.

PM:  And what did some teen boys do in their spare time today?  Built a ski ramp off my deck complete with rail at the bottom of the slope.  I wondered what David’s (my 16 year old) emergency trip to Home Depot was all about last night.  Rail construction obviously.  So that once peaceful table on my deck quickly turned into the launch pad.  And I upped my home owner’s insurance.




  • Charlotte Says:
    1-13-2011 08:08:24

    always amazed at what kids can do when they put there minds to it! Way to go David.

  • Stacy Says:
    1-13-2011 14:19:47

    I’m inspired by how calm and cool you are! I love how your first reaction is always to laugh and just go with the flow!

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