Brett Favre and The Art of a Graceful Exit

retiring-the-cleatsVikings Quarterback Brett Favre is the poster child of how NOT to make a graceful exit.

In the past few years, the 41-year old football player created an unbearable media circus by announcing his retirement at the end of two different seasons, only to change his mind and come back both times. After a phenomenal 2009 season, Favre’s 2010 has been a downward spiral marred by inconsistent play, bruising injuries, missed games, and, to top it all off, public humiliation from sexting allegations. The consensus is that Favre will finally don his ”retirement watch” at the end of this season.

Brett, Brett, Brett … I bet you wish you could hit the rewind button and end your career on a higher note. It seems he was simple unable/unwilling to walk away from his beloved career (and the limelight and money) before things sadly slid south.  

While Favre gives a very public (and embarrassing) example of overstaying your welcome, all of us have had difficulty exiting a situation at some point in our lives. We’ve stayed on a vacation or been a houseguest a day or two too long. We’ve stuck it out in a job we knew wasn’t a good fit until we were miserable enough to leave. Hey – we even do it when we remain at the dinner table for that one extra serving, only to be uncomfortably full afterward.

Why is it so hard to know when it’s time to leave when no one (or nothing) else is pushing us out the door?

All this leads me to share some upcoming changes to Wise Women Coffee Chat … After this month, I will stop writing posts for the blog. Anne will fly solo and serve as primary Wise Blogger.

Why am I exiting now? It’s hard to explain, and I can’t point to any concrete reason. Just a growing realization that it’s time to move on (although I don’t have a next stop in mind). I’ve so loved launching the blog, collaborating with Anne, sharing myself with you and having you be part of the Wise Women community, maybe I just don’t want to tarnish the experience by leaving too late. 

I will write a few more posts in January and then visit the blog and weigh in with comments in the future. This online community of wise, insightful and humorous women is a touch point for my day/week. I definitely want to keep the connection, even though I’m hanging up my cleats as a regular contributor.

If only Brett Favre had been as wise …


  • Anne Says:
    1-5-2011 21:27:16

    Elaine -

    I will miss sharing this venture with you. The door is always open, and hopefully you’ll walk back through it when the timing is right.

    While I know we’ll continue to hear from you from time to time, good luck on the next journey you take.


  • shane Says:
    1-6-2011 10:00:04

    Elaine, I’ll definitely miss your posts. It is always nice to get a little Elaine “fix”. It just means that I’ll have to be better at staying in touch! I wish all the best for you and the Wise Family in 2011! xoxo Shane

  • Sharon Says:
    1-7-2011 12:21:10

    Elaine, good luck with what comes next.

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