Shoe On The Other Foot

USA_ballot_boxIt’s the morning of the mid-term elections and, if the media are to be believed, my political party is poised to get its ass kicked.

What a difference two years make!

I remember waking up on Election Day 2008 with excited anticipation. One way or the other, history was going to be made that day in the presidential election. And the tea leaf-readers (NOT the Tea Party-lovers) were suggesting my candidate was going to win. In the days following the election, I blogged about the euphoria over the election results at my workplace, as well as my empathy for those whose candidate lost and had to put up with the celebration going on around them.

Now, the shoe is definitely on the other foot! I’m the one who will need the empathetic hug when tomorrow’s headlines crow about the Democrats’ crushing defeat.

I have found myself looking askance (or avoiding!) the media reports that led up to today. In my kill-the-messenger moments, I wonder if the media’s doomsayer coverage has fed the frenzy and hastened the downfall of Democratic candidates.

But, then again, I realize that the Obama administration and the Democrats have brought this defeat upon themselves. They have been so busy governing these last two years that politicking (for the most part) was shoved to the back burner.

And, you know, I’m really OK with that choice, even if it results in election losses today. I’d rather stand on the side of those who worked to overhaul our broken healthcare and financial systems and lost, than be on the “winning” side of those who served as obstructionists and for the last two years.

But, I may still need a hug tomorrow …


  • Sharon Says:
    11-5-2010 07:39:46

    Sorry, Elaine, there will be no hugs from the crowd that took the House this time. But I agree with you that it was more important to do the work of the country than to lie to the country to get re-elected. I heard someone say last night that people live with the choices they make and then they can change their mind. I hope that’s true – my state elected a tea party governor, who won with 37% of the vote. I hope there’s something left of our state in 4 years.

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