Fashion Icons: Princess Di, Kate Middleton and Me

diana-ringI thought my days of being swept up into a fashion craze were over.

My first memory of seeking a new, trendy look was back in the 1970′s. A fledgling figure skater, I decided to have my long hair chopped off so I could sport one of those cute Dorothy Hamill cuts. When the stylist turned my chair back toward the mirror to reveal the new look, my tween self was horrified (and then tearful). My wavy hair was not the right type for a wedge cut. I spent years regretting and growing out that fashion blunder.

Then came the decade of argyle sweaters, painter’s pants, corduroys and Bermuda purses. Eventually, I tired of looking like everyone else at school and decided to resist the latest styles. I watched skirt lengths rise and fall and didn’t mind that my skirts (when I wore them) never varied their length. Although intrigued, I skipped the animal print phases. Over time, my fashion ignorance evolved from a deliberate, individualistic stance to a necessary survival strategy during those early and frantically busy parenting years.   

Now, it seems that I’ve unwittingly joined the fashion masses once again. According to reports, Prince William has given his fiancee his mother’s gorgeous and well-known engagement ring; as a result, a frenzy to buy sapphire and diamond rings  has been ignited within the last 24 hours.

And my engagement ring looks just like Princess Di’s (and now Kate Middleton’s) 18-carat ring – minus about 17 carats. My husband did not set out to buy a replica during his engagement ring expedition almost 25 years ago. He just knew I’d prefer something other than a traditional diamond. He was right, and I treasure that ring, regardless of its past or current trendiness. 

Which fashion trends have you enjoyed over the years? Which ones have you despised? (I’ve heard whispers that parachute pants may be making a come-back. Say it ain’t so!)


  • Cindy L Says:
    11-17-2010 14:57:37

    You know, I wondered about that! Gorgeous ring, and I remember how it inspired a sapphire craze the year I got married. (I actually do have a sapphire ring, but not as my engagement ring, thankfully.)

    I am actually pleased at the return of leggings, though I prefer them with longer tunics and boots. Love boots again! I hated shoulder pads (still do) and am not fond of very short skirts on anyone who doesn’t have the legs for them!

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