Wade In Slowly Or Plunge?

white-flagLast week I asked my freshmen students to reflect and write about how they approach new experiences and how their personal style affects their life at college. They showed remarkable insight in their responses, and more than a few wrote about their conflicted feelings about being an introvert (my word, not theirs – they used words like “shy,” “inept,” and “awkward”) in a world where everyone else seems to have already made fast friends.

My feedback was empathic and validating. I encouraged them to learn more about and make peace with their personality type; clearly, they are the folks who prefer to wade slowly into new experiences.

I normally would describe myself as a wader, as well. Yet, somehow I’ve managed to plunge into several new work experiences (five, to be exact) in the last two months.

I am incredibly invigorated!

Unfortunately, I’m also drowning!

As the water level continues to creep up,  I’m frantically looking around wondering how this happened. I’m a wader, not a plunger! Which of my “yes” responses caused my stress to skyrocket? And when (and how) should I trim back my commitments to create more breathing room?

So, in case you’ve been wondering about the lack of recent posts, know that I’ve been MIA due to a recent onset of plunge-itis.

But, I’m waving the white flag. I want my inner wader to take control of my life again! I want resume chatting with my Wise Women friends (virtual and otherwise).

It may just take me some time to find my way back to shore. Stay tuned …


  • Anne Says:
    10-21-2010 21:41:41

    I’m glad to know that you’re taking advantage of all that comes in front of you. Yes, it does create stress, and takes a way an hour or two of sleep, but at least it gives you some new experiences which you then have the control to decide whether they enhance your life or not.

    Hang in there!

  • Sharon Says:
    10-22-2010 12:14:21

    Incredibly invigorated! I can think of no better reason to plunge in. I am excited for you and anxious to hear more.

  • Cindy's Coffeehouse Says:
    10-28-2010 08:50:06

    I prefer to wade first and plunge only if I know it’s safe. Whether you plunge or wade, Elaine, I do enjoy reading your posts.

  • Rawda Says:
    6-26-2015 18:08:18

    I’ve just found your blog! My son and I (he’s 4), are vegan, and I’m just starting the titsniaron to a moderate/high raw diet. Excited to find info from other mamas who follow a living lifestyle, for tips and ideas and support! Thanks so much for being out there

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