Dining in the Dark….

klick1We know about Dancing in the Dark.  Well, what about dining?  I recently became aware of a most unusual way to dine  - totally in the dark.  If you eat at Pod Kridlemnoci in Prague, you’ll have to swap your sense of light for a sense of adventure.  Kridlemnoci translates to “Under the Wing of Night” and through this experience of dining in the dark, you are forced to let your other sources of smell, touch, taste and hearing take over.

After selecting your meal in the “world of light,” you are led to the “world of darkness” where all visual stimuli disappears, leaving you to focus solely on the taste of your food, and the voice of your dining partner.  There’s something about this type of experience that really intrigues me.  If it’s true that when one sense isn’t usable, the others are heightened, the gustatory pleasures of dining in the dark may be unparalleled.   Plus, think of all the great faces that you can make at your dining partner and you can even pick the food out of your teeth without a care (sorry I had to bring it down a notch).  Might even be the perfect type of venue for a blind date.

Apparently this idea originated through an organization in Zurich called Blindehuh (Blind Cow), which creates jobs for the blind and visually impaired. Today dark dining spots can be found in many metropolitan cities across the globe, including New York, Beijing, Montreal and Sydney.

This whole idea was presented at a marketing offsite I attended.  It was presented to enable us to think about breaking away from the structure that typically frames our life, and to think about how we react to it.  If you can break away from this structure, often your mind becomes awakened to different patterns of observation and thinking. Typically when you’re in the dark, you are in a passive frame of mind – and most likely trying to drift into sleep.   Can you imagine sitting in the dark for a couple hours, carrying on a conversation and enjoying a meal?  I imagine every element of the experience is heightened.

I for one am anxious to experience this.  I’d love to know what you think!


  • Stacy Says:
    10-22-2010 08:09:01

    I read about dining in the dark in Gourmet Magazine maybe about 5 years ago and at that time, I wanted to try it out by having a dinner party in the dark. The people I invited got a good laugh out of my idea and that was the end of that! I would think it’s similar to listening to music with your eyes closed.

  • Anne Says:
    10-22-2010 13:52:58

    I was thinking about doing something at home too, but you’re right – people wouldn’t stick to their guns, plus it’s nice if you’re not preparing the meal.

    If you want to make a trip to New York, let me know!

  • Juan Says:
    6-26-2015 22:45:31

    hi, have read ur blog for long, but my 1st time left msg here.I went to the same restaurant on suadny as well!!! I can’t help myself keeping laughing at the “name” u know there’s a dish named”耶路撒冷炒飯”!!!!!! LOL

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