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mug-with-flowerWise Women, let’s raise our mugs in honor of National Coffee Day.

According to a recent survey, I discovered that I’m in the minute minority as my daily wake-up beverage is a soda, not coffee. However, I love drinking coffee with friends (as do 45% of you) and would NEVER tell someone that s/he had “coffee breath” (although 32% of you would).

Here are the results from the survey conducted by Filterfresh Coffee Service.

How do you get your daily shot of caffeine?

  • Coffee   95.4%
  • Soda     1.5%
  • Tea      2.3%
  • Energy Drink 0.0%
  • Other    0.8%

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

  • One cup: Exactly what I need to get me started      23.6%
  • Two to three cups: Almost awake…       58.7%
  • Four of more cups: Admittedly, I have a problem     17.8%

When do you drink coffee?  Please check all that apply

  • Morning          89.6%
  • Day              34.2%
  • Evening          13.8%
  • All day, every day        10.8%
  • When my children whine    3.1%
  • When I am stressed        8.8%
  • When I want to relax      16.9%

Who do you drink coffee with?

  • My dog and/or cat     23.7%
  • The newspaper/good book   37.5%
  • My SO                 40.7%
  • Co-workers            71.5%
  • Friends               45.1%

Does coffee improve your mental focus?

  • Yes          72.3%
  • No           19.6%
  • What was the question again?  I didn’t have my coffee yet!     8.1%

Would you tell someone if they have coffee breath?

  • Yes   31.9%
  • No    68.1%

At what age would you let your child(ren) drink coffee?

  • Over 18      31.7%
  • Over 16      41.7%
  • Over 12      12.4%
  • Over 10      2.3%
  • Whenever they want    12.0%

Would you have a meeting with your boss before your morning cup of coffee?

  • Sure, why not?             34.7%
  • Absolutely not!  Dealing with my boss in the morning requires a lot of caffeine beforehand.    29.7%
  • Depends on the day            35.5%

Do you order “frou-frou” drinks when no one is looking? (whipped cream hazelnut banana frappuccino, etc.)

  • Yes      34.0%
  • No way!    66.0%

What would you give up first?

  • Cell Phone   53.9%
  • Coffee       46.1%

Does drinking coffee improve your libido?

  • Yes      9.2%
  • No       39.2%
  • Couldn’t hurt    51.6%

What does your daily coffee cup look like?

  • Ceramic mug    55.8%
  • Styrofoam cup      10.5%
  • Reusable mug    17.4%
  • Anything    15.9%

Do you make the next pot of coffee when you find it empty at work?

  • Yes, always. If I didn’t, that would be rude        69.5%
  • Yes, if some if someone is watching             6.0%
  • No, not my job.                    24.5%


  • ann Says:
    10-1-2010 09:19:52

    well i am an iced tea drinker, all year, all day. i see we tea people (DEFINITELY NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH TEA PARTY PEOPLE) are #2. so i will remind all those mainling evil smelling beverages, #2 tries harder!

  • Sharon Says:
    10-1-2010 11:08:29

    This is great! I am a coffee drinker. I drink it black and rarely have met a cup of coffee I didn’t like. My kids weren’t really interested in coffee until they went away to college, and two of the three drink their coffee black, too. I’d give up my cell phone, my microwave, and my dishwasher before I’d give up coffee.

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