Stretching Your Silly Muscle

medieval-jesterWhen was the last time you were silly or playful?

The idea of embracing/reuniting with your light-hearted, inner child sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Then why does it feel so uncomfortable and hard to do?

Over the past weekend, I had two opportunities to work out my silly muscle: at a Medieval dinner featuring a comic cast and free-flowing ale and during a game-filled team-building event. Both were great fun!

And, as I reflect back on both experiences, I realize I held back a little. I enjoyed the playfulness, but it was more others’ silliness than my own. I stayed in my head versus played in my heart.

Were my inhibitions due to a fear of looking foolish? Maybe. Although I certainly looked pretty silly as I contorted my body to get through multiple hoops (small hoops!) during one of the team-building activities.

Is my personality so sober and serious that being playful isn’t possible? Maybe. I remember always being a bit more mature, perhaps even reserved, even when I was a kid.

However, I think the biggest reason that silliness is a stretch for me is that I just don’t use my silly muscle very often. And, like any muscle, it has grown weak through disuse.

So, now I have a goal. A serious goal. I am looking for chances to shut off my grown-up brain, be in the moment, and have some silly fun. Suggestions are welcome!

Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment. ~ Horace

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