Sesame Street Goes Hot And Then Cold

katy-perry-sesame-streetHow low is too low?

Women throughout the ages have wrestled with this question while getting dressed. What (if any) is the appropriate amount of cleavage that we can/should show? And under what circumstances?

Most of us fall into one of two camps – Concealers or Revealers – and rarely cross over into the opposing fashion camp. (And, when I reference “revealing,” I mean tastefully revealing, not J.Lo-Grammy-dress-revealing.) Jennifer Lopez

The fashion dispute (or, is it more of a gender or cultural debate?) heated up recently when it was made public that Sesame Street has pulled a clip of singer Katy Perry performing with Elmo. The offense? Perry’s low-cut dress.

I was curious about Perry’s interaction with Elmo (Was she acting seductively in her bustier dress? Yuck!), so I watched the Sesame Street clip on YouTube.

Nope. No icky seduction here. Personally, I wasn’t upset by the dress or Perry’s demeanor. In fact, the skit was pretty cute, and I found myself tapping my toe to Perry’s modified (and now G-rated) song “Hot and Cold.”

What about you? Does Perry’s outfit leave you hot or cold? And what do you think of Sesame Street’s response to the controversy?


  • ann Says:
    9-28-2010 08:19:57

    when this story broke i thought i had missed something horrendous. as a big fan and proponent of sesame street i am rather suprised. as for me i really didn’t scrutinize perry’s outfit that well until the debacle ensued (insued?) anyway i thought it was sad becuase in my opinion it makes sesame street and their management team look foolish. it’s a silly not a risque outfit and frankly i don’t think that the intended audience would pay it any attention. perhaps they see more, however, unintentionally on the street, in their home and on tv. as for jlo and a number of other stars (showing their firmament in all its’ glory) who appear on award shows in complete dishabile and disgrace, that’s uncomfortable and certainly should not be encouraged.


  • Maura Says:
    9-28-2010 08:28:13

    I am an admitted concealer. When I watched the video I thought it was a bit too revealing, especially when Katie is chasing after Elmo. You can actually see her cleavage moving. However, I let my three year old watch it and she noticed all the things that were going on on the background. She noticed that the video takes place in Elmo’s World and she noticed Oscar the Grouch popping up from his trash can – which I didn’t even see. So while I thought it was a bit too risqué – the intended audience for this video (at least in my house) didn’t seem to notice at all.

  • Barb Says:
    9-28-2010 10:21:59

    Doesn’t pose a problem for me. I thought it was a cute sketch. And Katy Perry would look not quite right in a turtle neck. What I think is funny . . . is that someone, in fact a lot of people, at Sesame Street must have been involved in the costume choice from the start. (BTW – I’m definitely a concealer.)

  • Stacy Says:
    9-29-2010 08:27:57

    Sesame Street did the right thing for the wrong reason. What’s really upsetting here is the whole wedding theme. She’s a Katie Perry bride with her lime wedding dress, jewelry and very obvious bride’s veil. There’s a lot of subliminal learning going on in this skit.

  • Cindy's Coffeehouse Says:
    9-30-2010 11:07:21

    Hey, Elaine!

    You could do a post just on the choice of Revealer vs. Concealer!

    Anyway, I thought it was cute, and even if the dress was rather lower cut, it didn’t seem to emphasize cleavage. It’s nowhere near the J Lo category. Anyway, the theme was “dress up.” I’m more concerned with kids seeing violence on tv.

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