15 Minutes of Fame = Foreign Relations Firestorm

koranWhat do you get when you mix the power of the Internet, a pastor seeking his 15 minutes of fame and an emotion-laden anniversary for our country? A looming international crisis instigated by ONE man’s words and misguided plans.

Pastor Terry Jones is capturing headlines this week with his threat to burn the Koran – the holy book that is the central religious text revered by Muslims – in a public bonfire on 9/11. Pastor Jones is the head of a 50-member evangelical Christian church in Gainesville, Fla..

Concern is so great that Gen. David Petraeus, who heads up NATO forces in Afghanistan, has warned that Pastor Jones’ reckless actions could touch off an international firestorm, provoke radical Muslims, and risk the lives of U.S. troops.

Loathe to give this intolerant man and his idiotic plan an iota more of publicity, I hesitated in writing this post. But, then I recognized that the Internet also can be used to foster tolerance and respect. So, here’s a way we Wise Women can chip away at the narrow-mindedness.

Take a minute, if you will, to read a little about the history and meaning of the Koran, along with its relationship to Christian literature. Browse a translation of The Koran itself and look at its poetical verses.

This exercise is not intended to challenge any one’s belief system or promote religious conversion. It’s simply an effort to open our minds and learn more about a much maligned faith.

As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I wish the Pastor Jones of the world spent a little more time studying the Ancient Greeks and less time screeching into the nearest microphone.


  • Cindy L Says:
    9-8-2010 08:16:00

    I’m sorry, but Christian evangelicals have done more to harm “Christianity” lately than anyone I can think of. They almost make me want to stop going to church. I know many of them personally, and sadly, I can’t think of one who isn’t holier-than-thou and extremely judgmental. If you don’t agree with their worldview, they would like to see you “converted” or burned at the stake. What would Jesus think??

  • ann Says:
    9-8-2010 08:24:00

    I wish sincerely that we could all pray, in church or out, for world peace or even whirlled peas as the bumper stickers say. But that won’t do it.

    Since the hate-ful (as in “full of hate”) pastor in florida is a religious figure i doubt that there is anything that can be done in terms of writing congresspeople etc.

    at this moment i can only say that if everyone who has a “support our troops” decal on their car or their heart would understand that when the man in charge of leading our troops says that this could endanger the troops then we have a problem. a big one.

    here’s a grass roots idea for the week. whenever you are in a parking lot speak to someone with the decal and tell them that you do support the troops and that general petraeus is asking everyone to condemn actions that would endanger them.

    peace out or whatever.

  • Sue Says:
    9-8-2010 13:04:30

    As I read your post my first thought was “How disgusting!”. I don’t understand how a pastor could be against the concept of religious tolerance. Unfortunately, given the escalation of the publicity surrounding the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, I’m not surprised that emotions are now running very hot. I sincerely hope that the book-burning does not come to pass, as this will resolve nothing and will most certainly trigger more violence.

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