8 Things I Hate About August

AugustThe reality of August is hitting me. While most people (I think) associate these dog days with going on summer vacations, I have a different reaction to our eighth month of the year -  I really don’t like August.

(Hate is too strong a term, but the title “8 Things I Really Don’t Like About August” just didn’t have the same ring to it.)

Here are my top eight reasons why:

(8) The window of time left to schedule summer fun (e.g., concerts, picnics, baseball games, trips to the beach) is beginning to close. As a result, there’s pressure to squeeze in various outings before time runs out, as if all fun ceases as of Labor Day. Forcing fun contradicts the notion of the “lazy days of summer.”

(7) Buying new, summer clothes is almost impossible. The pitiful selection in stores is limited to one 70%-off rack featuring the polk-a-dot capris pants no one else would buy.

(6) The increasingly darker mornings make it harder to get up. As if I need another excuse to pull the covers over my head and avoid the gym.

(5) Uttering the S-word (school) in the presence of my son puts his mental health at risk (or so he tells me). Makes shopping for his “s-word” supplies a challenge.

(4) Speaking of s-word supplies, despite the countless aisles of pencils, markers, glue sticks and filler paper in every store, it takes trips to at least three stores before I can find the particularly sized spiral-bound notebooks required by the high school teachers.

(3) Turning a blind eye to the weeds for the month of July results in a jungle of foot-high weeds that must be removed in August. Not August’s fault, really, but the month still takes the blame.

(2) I’m tired of having to carefully ease out of my car as I peel my sticking skin off the leather seats. Happens on most car trips, even when I’m running the A/C .

(1) I hate the disbelieving question “Can you believe it’s already August?!?!” that worms its way into every conversation. (Or, it’s kissing cousin, “Can you believe the summer’s almost over?!?”)

Feel free to join the August hate-fest. Or, if you actually like the month (and, again, you’re probably in the majority), feel free to sing August’s praises.


  • Maura Says:
    8-3-2010 08:24:47

    The July weeds have been screaming my name and yesterday I finally listened which resulted (read as necessitated) in my spending two hours yesterday weeding and mulching our beds.

    But the other part of August that I don’t like is that many Fall sports have tryouts at the beginning of August (in our case, next week). Then, if you make a team, practices start right away – effectively making it impossible to fit in any of the aforementioned “summer fun” before school starts.

    I think that is so sad.

  • Cindy's Coffeehouse Says:
    8-3-2010 11:37:44

    We don’t have kids in fall sports, but I still don’t like the practice of starting kids in full practice mode in August. If I want to socialize in August with families who DO have kids in full practice mode, I can’t.

    Here’s another gripe — and it’s not just about August. If you have kids with summer birthdays, it’s difficult planning parties for them because so many people are out-of-town.

    Final gripe — even if you’re home with your kids during the summer, it’s often difficult for kids to socialize with other kids because: (1) other families might be out-of-town or (2) those kids who are in town are often in summer day camps.

  • Anne Says:
    8-4-2010 21:53:36

    I also have to keep reminding my son of all the summer homework he has to accomplish over the next 3-4 weeks – a lot of reading and writing for AP English and History. I can tell now it’s going to be painful as we get closer to that start day of school.

  • Sharon Says:
    8-5-2010 08:30:58

    As a child I looked forward to August because it was when our family travelled to Toledo, Ohio for a week to see family, and August meant school would soon start, which I loved. Once I had kids I didn’t look forward to August for all the reasons everyone has mentioned. The good news? Once your kids are out of school you will enjoy August again.

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