Where the Hell’s Elaine?

One mark of a good vacation is that you lose track of time.

As in you’re absorbed in the activity of the moment (reading a good book, pushing a toddler on a swing) and you wonder what time is it?

Or, you’re in “chill-axing” mode for a few days, and you question what DAY is it?

Uh oh, it’s my day to blog?!?! Shoot. How do I spin an interesting blog post out of the last few days pf visiting with my family (including playing with delightful nephews and neice), celebrating Jackson’s 15th birthday at a minor league baseball game (complete  with the birthday boy being invited onto the field to pick the winner of the in-between innings race between a Hamburger, Fries or a Frosty), attending a campy but great fun melodrama complete with corny jokes and a 4-minute version of the Wizard of Oz, plus lots of down time of chatting, reading, napping and just staring off at the beautiful mountains.

As I woke up this morning, I remembered it’s Thursday – the one day I promised myself to post while on vacation. In that waking moment, I thought, “Hey, a great blog post would be videotaping me doing the Matt dance in front of a landmark site like Garden of the Gods or Pike’s Peak or The Air Force Academy.” 

I jump up to look at the clock: Yike’s, it’s 6:30 am. Given the 2-hour time difference, I only half an hour until the bewitching 9 am posting time). No time! No time!

Then I relax. I realize that letting time pass blissfully by is, ahem, one of the signs of a good vacation (see point #1 of this post).

So, I decide to answer one question in case any Wise Women are wondering.  Where the hell is Elaine?

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“See you” next week, my friends …


  • Cindy's Coffeehouse Says:
    7-1-2010 10:28:26

    Elaine, sounds as if you’re having a great time on your vacation! I took a month off from my blog (three graduations for three kids kept my head spinning for a while) so you’re doing pretty well checking in at least once a week!

  • Sharon Says:
    7-2-2010 13:13:16

    Glad to hear you lost track of time. Enjoy every “moment” of your time away.

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