One Word: Spain!

IN08_SPAIN_141129fToday is a good day. My 16 year old son, David, is homeward bound from Spain, after spending just over two weeks there in Cadiz, living with a host family, and attending school.  What a lucky guy – first to have the ability to take advantage of such a trip, a trip offered through our high school, with three Spanish teachers in the lead.  Second, to travel with good friends and enjoy another culture.  He and his friends are residing in the seaside town of Cadiz, and after a “hard” morning at school, an afternoon on the beach seems to be the matter of course.  He has been living with his host Mom, who is reportedly a great cook (“much better food than what you can get in the restaurants”), and also has a teen room mate from France and one from Germany.  Spanish, of course, is the mode of operandi.

And how lucky is he to be in Spain when the country wins the World Cup for the first time in history!!  As my Dad said yesterday, “if Spain wins the World Cup today, people will be drinking for a week.”  Hope they’re conducting sobriety tests on the pilots today!

Our conversations with David have been brief, but reveal that he is having an amazing time, is totally enthralled with his surroundings and pace of life, and I know this experience will mark one of the “greats” of his life.

I also know he is truly lucky.  After sharing a conversation with David with my family, my sister in law wrote about how wonderful it would be if every American could spend some time abroad.  I loved a quote that she shared from Mark Twain:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Luckily, given our kids have navigated through a very diverse public school system, I believe they approach life with a very open mind.  But I’m sure this trip has been an eye-opener, even if it is to realize just how small this world really is.  While we all come from different places and may speak a totally different language, we all achieve grounding in realizing our core is very similar.

Congratulations Spain!


  • Charlotte Says:
    7-12-2010 15:52:55

    your story about David reminds me of another famous quote from George Bernard Shaw, “Youth is wasted on the young.” In other words, your Dad had the right idea about how Spainards will celebrate this tremendous victory!

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