You Just Never Know …

Al-and-Tipper-GoreYou just never know what makes a marriage tick.

Or, makes a marriage tick for a while (say, 40 years) and then just stop ticking for no apparent reason.

You want to think that, with Tipper and Al Gore together for so long, the “work” of their marriage – work that’s needed for any lasting marriage/partnership – had become effortless and second-nature.

At what point did one or both of them decide the work was just too much? That the benefit did not outweigh the cost? What – short of a very public and humiliating scandal – could make people in a seemingly happy relationship just decide “no mas?”

Bottom line – you just never know … how long a relationship will last … whether that job (or company!) will still exist … how long that body will remain healthy.

I guess the real bottom line is enjoy everyone and everything in your life today, because you just never know …


  • Catherine Says:
    6-3-2010 09:50:13

    My husband and I were discussing the Gore separation last night. We speculated that now that people are vibrant and adventurous into later age, they may find that they want to go in a different direction than a long time spouse.

    It is becoming more common for people in their 60′s, 70′s and even 80′s to greaduate from college and start new careers. The baby boomers will not go gently into that good night.

    I think the Gores are trying to handle their divorce with dignity and class, and unfortunately, it appears the press is not respecting their request for privacy.

  • Sharon Says:
    6-3-2010 10:59:06

    Well said, Elaine. I think at an older age, and after the children are grown and on their own, it becomes more of a choice to stay married. I say to my husband now that I “choose” him because I want to stay married, not because I feel like I have to. I can’t imagine ever knowing anyone as well as I know him, and I certainly can’t imagine starting over with someone else. The reverse side of that coin is that if one of us wanted to be free of the other, it would be easier now that it’s just the two of us. I don’t think that’s any different for people who are famous or rich than it is for the rest of us.

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