The World’s Largest Father’s Day Card

DSC_0687Coming home from a weekend away, Mark and I drove into the driveway yesterday on Father’s Day.  My husband’s first reaction was – “oh good, the lawn has been mowed.”

We then walked into the back, and there in the grass were the large letters of DAD mowed into the lawn.  Rather creative, huh?  After being away, it’s nice to come home to home made presents – (while the older kids are on their own on this one, the younger ones have the great benefit of working on Father’s Day projects with their teachers).  So whether it is the simple card with a few nice words from Eliza, the book written about Dad from Jack, the hand made bowl from Sam, and the “DAD” mowed into the lawn from David – aren’t those things always the best?  Far more exciting than the outdoor thermometer that I bought!

Hope all Dads had a great day!


  • Stacy Says:
    6-21-2010 08:53:19

    Awwww, I love it!

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