Don’t Come Knockin’ When The Mini-Van’s Rockin’

porn-for-womenFemale Viagra – or Flibanserin – is on the near horizon. An FDA advisory committee meets in mid-June and will consider endorsing the little pink pill manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company.

Here’s the question: Is this latest development around women’s sexual health …

(a) Earth-shattering (so to speak) good news? Do you give it a Thumbs Up?


(b) a marketing conspiracy to get us to buy yet another product in the never-ending quest to be sexy? Does it deserve a Thumbs Down?

P.S. Has anyone told the male executives that what really turns women on is “choreplay,” as featured above and in the book Porn for Women?!?!


  • Catherine Says:
    5-25-2010 10:06:05

    My preliminary reading shows that wise women are divided on this issue. I am concerned that the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for adding questionable diagnoses to the DSM, the bible for some psychologists and psychiatrists. The intial research doesn’t seem to show a significant result when looking at women who received the drug versus women who received the placebo. I think women’s sexuality is a complex issue and for many women, a pill alone is not the answer.

  • Sharon Says:
    5-25-2010 18:10:25

    Give me good conversation and personal attention (both of which are free I might add) over a little pink pill any day.

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