Cute or Conniving?

photo-28Getting a puppy this spring was something we had tentatively discussed a few months back … but as life continued to be busier than ever this year, I quietly put that “to do” on the back burner.  Unfortunately, I believe Sam is still expecting a puppy to arrive at some point, and as I’m learning, Jack, my seven year old, is trying to take matters into his own hands.

Driving home from his baseball game with Dad this week, Jack had a great idea.  ”Let’s get mom a puppy for Mother’s Day.”  Dad quickly dismissed that idea, much to Jack’s disgruntled dismay.

So he tried again.  During Jack’s lengthy “morning constitution” on Wednesday morning, where I must admit a bit of conversation goes on as I’m getting ready for work as  he sits on the toilet, he began to interview me:

“Mom, what kind of dogs do you want to get again?”  My response to him was that I had always liked Portuguese Water Dogs, Wheaten Terriers and Goldendoodles.

“And where would you get these dogs?” he asked.  I replied that I had talked to a couple of breeders and had also looked at rescue leagues.

Then he replied, “I want Dad to walk me to the bus stop today.”

“OK,” I replied, “let’s see if he can do it” (as typically the walk to the bus stop is my job!).

So on the walk to the bus stop, Dad and Jack had a tete-a-tete.  Jack said, “I asked Mom what kind of dogs she wants …. the only one I can remember is a goldendoodle.”  ”Hmmm,” Mark replied.  ”I think she also likes Portuguese Water Dogs.”

“Yes” exclaimed Jack – “that was another one.”

“And I can’t really remember where she wants to get it, but  I think maybe somewhere in Maine….”

While there may be some disappointment on this Mother’s Day due to the fact that this young boy can’t deliver on his desire to give his mom the perfect present, I do applaud his planning efforts.  And I’ll need to continue to wrap my mind around the possibility of adding a dog to the family at some point.  But maybe next year!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wise women.


  • Deidre Says:
    5-7-2010 09:21:10

    Anne, we got a puppy last year and it has been a wonderful experience. Once we got through the early puppy stage. We needed something non-shedding, not too big, not too small….We settled on an Australian Labradoodle (minature)…Corky is 18 months old now and fully grown at about 25 lbs, perfect size for kids to walk and me to manage. We got him from a wonderful breeder in Maine…

  • not a wise woman Says:
    5-7-2010 10:14:28

    Anne…in reading your last paragraph, the disappointment may not be Jack’s. After all, it’s not Mothers Day yet :)

  • ann Says:
    5-8-2010 09:23:53

    portugese water dogs, can be very hard to manage, excitable and unruly though affectionate.

    wheaton terriers other than needing a lot of grooming get great reveiws and do the goldendoodles!

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