Another Installment of Samisms

DSC_0703Following is another installment of “Samisms”  - a few sound bytes uttered by Sam (age 5) over the past few months.  Just when I think he’s getting beyond the age of saying the darnedest things, he pops out another. He keeps me laughing…

1. Sam was working on his invitee list for his 5th birthday.  He ended up inviting mostly boys his age, plus a 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girl.  I said:  ”You know some of these kids are quite a bit older than you.”  He looked at me and replied:  ”Mom, age doesn’t matter.”

2. On Yom Kippur, Sam started inquiring about the Jewish holiday.  He then said: “Does being Jewish mean that you have a lot of jewelry?”

3. Sam having stayed home from school one day given a purported tummy ache and on the verge of throwing up, was playing on the computer.  I said, “Sam, I think you’re well enough to go to school”.

“Mom, I’m in a game right now.”

4. As I was driving Sam to school, I was asking him a number of different questions.  Finally he said, “Mom, just concentrate on your driving.”

5. “What’s a billionaire?”  Sam asked his babysitter.  ”A billionaire is someone that has a billion dollars”, she replied.  ”Oh, my parents don’t have a billion dollars”, replied Sam.  ”They actually don’t have a lot of dollars either; they just have a lot of cents.”

Have a great weekend!

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