Losing Yourself Along The Intuitive Way

Elaine-houseThat rumbling in your mid-section? Is it intuition talking or heartburn from the chocolate cake you ate late last night? Sometimes it’s hard to know.

I still remember the surge of intuition I experienced nine years ago when we were house hunting. We saw a For Sale sign in front of an ugly duckling brick rambler in a great part of town.  I excitedly called our Realtor so he could get us an appointment to view the house the following day. Later that night, I had a vivid dream of hosting my daughter’s bridal shower (she was 8 at the time) on the spacious, green lawn of the ugly duckling house.

So, imagine my crushing disappointment when the next day our Realtor called and advised us the house was suddenly off the market. What?!?!? I had plans for that house! Big plans. The Realtor speculated that the owner canceled the listing and decided to stay put as the house had been on the market for a while. (You thought I was joking about the ugly duckling moniker. No, really! The unkempt house had a jungle of overgrown bushes in front of it and little curb appeal.)

The following Saturday morning I woke up early to scour the real estate listings. My heart skipped a beat when I saw “my” house listed for sale – no longer through a real estate company, but For Sale By Owner. I rushed upstairs to wake up Wise Hubby with the news. We saw the house later that day, and I was smitten. Wise Hubby was less enamored and accused me of “stalking” the house. However, intuition carried the day, and the ugly duckling house has been our home for almost a decade.

I had a similar ah-ha moment when I recently looked at office space for my new venture. Comfy, spacious and light-filled space in a charming office complex on a quiet, tree-filled street. This was the office I was meant to be in! Never mind it required more of a leasing commitment than I was looking to give. Never mind I had been looking for space for less than a week and seen just a few properties to compare it to. My intuition was speaking, and I had no choice but to listen.

As I told Wise Hubby about the beautiful space and the powerful intuitive hit, he asked, “You mean the same intuition that told you Caitlin would end up at College of Charleston?” (An urban campus she hated when we toured it recently.)

WHOOSH. (That’s the sound of the wind being knocked out of my sails.)

Hmmm … come to think of it, my intuition has not been 100% reliable.

So, Wise Women, do you have any intuition stories to tell? (I remember Anne shared how she once ignored her intuition about a tree, only to have it land on top of her house.) Any tricks on how to discern if it’s intuition speaking or the chocolate cake?


  • Adriana Says:
    4-13-2010 10:36:47

    I have often wondered myself if it was “the chocolate cake”.
    To help navigate this reoccuring conundrum, I have learned to give time to an excited response. Not just a few hours (if it is a BIG decision) I am talking days- even weeks if time allows. If it’s small, then I usually go for it knowing I can re-adjust.
    Often times, that initial excitment allows another perspective to enter in after I settle down a bit. But, for a big decision, when in doubt– I usually don’t!

  • Barb Says:
    4-14-2010 12:36:37

    In 1993, I decided to move country and “live in sin” after having dated someone, long distance, for about 3 months. Not exactly a snap decision, but fairly bold given the implications. We’ve now been happily married for almost 15 years. We often reflect on how we “knew” it was the right thing to do. The cliche answer is that “we just knew.” Even more interesting is that we are both people who tend more toward analysis paralysis than spontaneity.

    The book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is an intriguing book about the power of the snap decision.

  • Sharon Says:
    4-15-2010 23:29:05

    A new venture? Do tell! As for intuition, I’ve been thinking about that, and if it’s a strong feeling I do listen. Then I make note of what happens next. Do things fall in line? Or do roadblocks begin to appear? That’s really the proof in the pudding ~ the actual unfolding of what appeared to be a great idea. Good luck!

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