It’s A Text, Text, Text World


Girls do it 80 times a day.

Boys do it 30 times a day.

Adults do it 10 times a day.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project and its new report, those are the average number of texts Americans send and receive per day.

Sorry, folks, I’m dragging the average down: 10 texts per week is more my speed. Does that mean I’m a slacker mom and bad friend who does not communicate well?!?! I still rely on email, which seems so last decade in this age of instant, accessible communication.

While our household has certainly had its share of cell phone battles, we are easing up on some of our restrictions (consciously or not, I’m not sure). Our oldest teen will be 18 in less than six months (ack!), and we’re “picking our battles” carefully. (Of course, forbidding use of cell phones while driving is permanently carved onto the list of rules.)

What’s the news from the texting front? Are you finding yourself texting more these days? To whom? Does texting make your life easier?

And, if you’re in the throes of cell/texting battles in your family, take a quick look at the Pew report‘s findings. You’ll be armed with key statistics and ways to respond to the everybody’s-doing-it, Mom-you’re-so-out-of-it argument.

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