A Hard Question: “How Was Your Day?”

Jack-and-MomYesterday was my first day of “freedom.” I finished up my job 10 days ago and spent last week (the kids’ spring break) touring colleges of interest to my daughter. So, yesterday – Monday – was the first day I officially had nothing to do.

Nothing except make several phone calls/emails about future work possibilities, have a supervision meeting with my social work intern from my former job, drop off my old office keys, do laundry (four suitcases worth of dirty clothes), fill our empty fridge and cupboards with groceries, pick up books on-hold at the library, and talk to family members whom I missed during my round of calls on Easter.

When my kids rolled in after school, Jackson looked expectantly at me and asked, “How was your day?”

I thought for a minute. “Good,” I said and rattled off a version of the list above to illustrate how I spent my day. “How does that sound?” I concluded.

“Well, it’s better than ‘hectic’, ‘fine,’ or ‘OK,” he replied. (Jackson was the first one to point out to me that I had a small repertoire of terse, one-word answers to his daily question about my day. And that my responses might signify that I was not 100% happy at my job.)

Yesterday WAS a good day. However, it was not a great day. It was not terribly invigorating and only somewhat satisfying. The tremendous relief I expected to feel? Not feeling it. Yet. Maybe that sense of liberation will come eventually.

I keep on thinking of the phrase “Even a bad day of golf beats a good day at work.” Honestly? I’m not so sure.

And lest it sounds like I”m complaining, let me assure you I’m not. Just noticing my mixed reaction to my first official day of freedom. And looking forward to the day when I can do my Tony the Tiger imitation and tell Jackson, “My day was Grreeaaat!”


  • Anne Says:
    4-6-2010 08:26:45

    You can’t really count yesterday as your first day of freedom – no day is good once you’ve returned from vacation – too many boring organizational chores to undertake (I know since we came home with a season’s worth of junk from Vermont – walking into my DR is impossible!)

    So take this week to slog through everything, get organized and get all your household tasks out of the way. Next Monday can be your first official day of freedom where you focus on YOU. Make a plan to meet someone for coffee, go for a walk, get a pedicure and just let your mind start taking you to that next place you might want to evolve to!

  • Kathleen Says:
    4-6-2010 12:29:32

    Awww, Jackson is a sweetie! And while yesterday may not have been a great day, imagine trying to do all that stuff on Sunday night before heading back to work the next morning or on Monday night after having worked all day!

  • Sharon Says:
    4-9-2010 22:42:21

    This period is like any transition ~ it will take some getting used to. Do one day at a time and give yourself a chance to enjoy the unexpected.

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