Wooosh went the Wind, and Out went the Lights….

mediaManagerLast Saturday a soggy, windy day was predicted…but I think what hit us nobody was quite prepared for.  Last weekend’s storm that hit Southern New England resulted in more damage than our city has seen in decades.  We lost power last Saturday afternoon, which for us was restored on Tuesday.  We were the lucky ones. There are still homes, almost one week later, without power.  And of course like so many of us in these woodsy parts of Connecticut, when the lights go, so does the running water and the ability to flush the toilet.

At first, it’s a little campy and fun.  The candles come out, the fire gets lit, the grill gets fired up for dinner.  Games and toys that have been buried for months suddenly surface.  Best of all, we go to bed early!  We wake up the next day to still no power, and a flooded basement with no way to pump it out.  I drive out to the local Duncan Donuts – where the line is going out the door.  The trip, there, however is unbelievable.  Wires are down everywhere.  Poles knocked over, huge trees down on houses – literally rooms demolished under their weight.  Making detours are a matter of course.  We make trips down the street to a neighbor’s house with a generator who has generously made room for some of my freezer food.  I pick up some ice and load up the coolers with the rest of the refrigerator food.  By the end of the day, my smart and desperate husband is able to steal a generator from work, AND get an electrician over on a Sunday to hook it up. (This is of course after he has built a second coop out back for the six chickens that have been housed in our now flooded basement for the past 2.5 months – more on that at another time…). Back in light and with running water, we’re able to start pumping out the basement; a lovely smell of farm and mustiness wafts up the basement stairs into the kitchen.

School ends up being cancelled on Monday.  It’s still drizzling and gray.  Many primary roads are still blocked with downed trees and wires.  One golf course in fact is a disaster – over 100 trees lost.  Our governor has declared our area a state of emergency.  I’m at home (with lights thanks to the generator) but with no TV, internet, phone line or cell coverage. It’s a strange thing to be totally without a means to communicate with anyone.

Luckily, especially for those still without power, the days following the storm have been beautiful.  The schools are unbelievably still closed through today, one week of school missed. That may be the end of our April school break.  Every street you pass, there is an electric crew at work.  Power companies from as far away as Canada and Ohio are in town to lend a hand.

We are the lucky ones, escaping with relatively little damage and no insurmountable inconveniences.  But I must say, to sit in a brightly lit room is a luxury, to flush the toilet without having to pour a bottle of water in the bowl is heaven, to turn the faucet on and fill a glass of water and to run a load of laundry just makes me happy.  My mind quickly flashes to places like Haiti – places that can’t get over their “disaster” in a matter of days and return to mostly normalcy.  Yes, we are indeed lucky.


  • Cindy L. Says:
    3-19-2010 09:42:08

    Amazing, isn’t it, how humbling these storms can be? We endured a couple of those in Michigan in the past, and they quickly reordered our priorities, too. Good luck with the repairs.

  • Sharon Says:
    3-21-2010 22:21:23

    Hope things are back to normal for your area soon. Glad to hear the worst of it is over for you personally. There are days I marvel at all the modern conveniences we have.

  • Punky Says:
    11-14-2015 14:46:52

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