A Mother is Born

A dear friend who has two sons adopted from Korea forwarded a video starring ten moms (including herself) who have adopted children. ┬áThe lead-in line to the video is – “When a child is adopted, a mother is born.”

It’s very heartwarming and I thought it was worth sharing, especially with so many children around the world in need of a family.

For the short clip on you tube, click here.

To see the full five minute video, click here.

If adoption is something that you have been considering, I think this just may inspire you to take the next step.


  • Karen and Florence Says:
    2-17-2010 11:00:51

    Thank you for your kind words! Every adoption journey begins with a leap of faith. I never would have had the courage if i hadn’t met others who went before me. As Cathy says, “the love that awaits you on the other side of adoption is there.”

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