New Twist For 2009 Wise Women Big Bucks Givaway

world-wish-beadThis holiday season Anne and I invite you to consider an alternative to hunting down that elusive “perfect” gift in the aisles of Target. Instead, you can buy a lovely present and contribute to world prosperity with a few clicks of your mouse.

Yesterday Anne wrote about an innovative charity called Global Colors whose mission is to create self-sustaining grassroots projects throughout the world for the common good. One of those projects is the World Wish Bead Campaign, the sale of beaded necklaces crafted by women in disadvantaged countries to support themselves and their families.

As Anne shared, “The bead is made by women in Kenya, and the necklace part is made by women in Cambodia. Supposedly when the Kenyan women make the bead, they make a wish, and then when you purchase it, you’re supposed to make your own wish. The necklace has traveled globally and the circle is completed.”

We’re excited that this year’s Wise Women Big Bucks Holiday Giveaway will support the World Wish Bead Campaign. As evidenced by last year’s campaign, we are a generous and civic-minded bunch.

Here’s how our little online community can make a big difference:

  1. Join the circle of women from Kenya to Cambodia by purchasing a beaded necklace through My World Wish.
  2. Add a comment below indicating something about your purchase … who you bought the necklace for … its color scheme … your wish … as much or as little as you want to share. Remember, you can always comment anonymously, if you want.
  3. For every person who buys a necklace and leaves a comment below by December 23, 2009, Anne and I will make a matching contribution of $25 (up to 20 people/necklaces).

So, join us as we partner with our Wise Women sisters from Kenya and Cambodia and help change the world.

Let the bead-buying begin …


  • Barb Says:
    12-1-2009 10:05:12

    Great cause. I bought/donated for two necklaces. I will keep one and give one to my mother-in-law who has done a lot of development work in Africa and will appreciate this grass roots effort. I wished for acceptance of diversity among people.

  • ann Says:
    12-1-2009 10:33:37

    hi, excellent chat yesterday from anne. please give basic instructions for purchase of a necklace (website etc.) and notification to the wise women. thanks.

  • Anne Says:
    12-1-2009 22:39:01

    Ann -

    We’ll re-emphasize this, but just go to the link in the blog – This will take you to the page where you can buy the bead necklace. If you do so, just leave a comment on this blog entry, and we’ll tally all necklaces purchased for the overall Wise Women Coffee Chat donation. Thanks!


  • skippy Says:
    12-1-2009 23:27:19

    I followed basic instructions and “I DID IT”. I ordered the bead necklace.


  • Catherine Says:
    12-2-2009 07:41:19

    Posted on 11/30/09 post about Global Colors, too:

    I was looking for one more, perfect Christmas gift for my sister. I purchased two beads, and I am so excited to be able to support this wonderful organization. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of Wise Women. I signed up for the quarterly newsletter, so I can keep updated on their progress.

  • Shari Says:
    12-2-2009 16:22:55

    This is the perfect gift for me to give to a few special girlfriends! I purchased 4. I love getting things that are original and have a dual purpose of somehow giving back to others. Another favorite gift of mine is giving chickens or ducks from Heifer International. Thanks so much for sharing this ladies!

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