The Allure of the Bieber

tn-1If you have a young lady in the house, you’re sure to have heard of relatively new on the scene heart throb and teen idol Justin Bieber.  I escorted three 13 year old girls into New York City last Friday to attend the Jingle Ball – quite a music extravaganza.  During a full four hours, we were entertained by the likes of Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Boys Like Girls, Owl City, The Fray, Pitbull, Jay Sean, Jordan Sparks, Kris Allen, & 15 year old Justin Bieber.

To start the evening, we just happened to run into Jordan Sparks, who was talking with fans on the street.  She was very nice, and I was able to get a few pictures of her with the girls.  Inside Madison Square Garden, the overwhelming majority of the audience was girls with their Mom or Dad.  And with such an amazing line-up, it was Justin Bieber, with the mere mention of his name, that nearly brought the house down with deafening noise.

The Bieber story (click here to see one of his videos) is an amazing one.  He has just come on the scene in the last year.  From Ontario, in 2007, he posted a few videos of himself singing to share with friends and family.  The viral network took over – and before long there had been 10 million views of his videos, including an agent in Atlanta who called him down for a meeting where he met Usher.  From the start both Usher and Justin Timberlake were pursuing him – and a week after his first meeting, he signed with Usher and his music label, Island Records – -  and the rest is history.  His first album, My World, is just hitting.

So I must say, he IS adorable.  His fast rise to fame as a talented singer and dancer gave him the coveted spot – next to last in the line-up at the Jingle Ball, only to precede the headliner, Taylor Swift.  Poor John Mayer, who proceeded him, recognized that he was just an act to bear through as the audience waited with baited breath for the entrance of Justin.   Justin didn’t disappoint – and sang his pop love songs, brought a girl up on stage and gave her a couple of dozen roses, and formed a heart shape with his fingers – the crowd went wild.  Usher also surprised us all, and came on stage to join Justin for a song.

I must admit, I concur with every young girl and teen in the audience – he is adorable, and very talented.  And a classic American success story. From 0 to 100 in a flash.


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