Having A Bad (Chase, Falling, Test, Teeth) Dream?

teeth-smileYou know that classic bad dream people have? The one when – regardless of your age – you show up to class and walk into a surprise test. I’ve certainly had that one before. But more regularly I have a dream where my teeth fall out (unexpectedly and for no reason) as I desperately try to catch them in my hand. Gross, I know.

Turns out that falling teeth dreams are very common, according to Dream Moods. The loss of teeth can signify anxiety about appearance, fear of embarrassing oneself, or sense of powerlessness (ding, ding, ding on that last one).

What’s your personal, classic bad dream? And why can’t our classic dreams be happy and involve winning the lottery?!?!?


  • Anne Says:
    11-17-2009 10:24:56

    I had a random dream the other night that I was talking to a friend – and we were commiserating about the sordid details of aging – hair falling out, graying hair, facial hair, wearing girdles – all rather amusing stuff in retrospect as I have no idea where this came from – nor do I worry or deal with any of the stuff I mentioned….

    The stuff of dreams really do fascinate me. Now, falling teeth – I haven’t had that one – but it’s a priceless vision!

  • Sharon Says:
    11-17-2009 17:31:31

    I periodically have a dream where I am back at my old junior or senior high school and either can’t get my locker open, or get lost, or walk into the wrong class. I haven’t been able to pin down what might be going on in my life when I have one of these dreams because they are just far enough apart that I forget the dream…and bingo, I have another one.

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