High Five to a Very Wise Woman

20091006__st1007bzpepsi01_200I didn’t think I could let October slip by any further without contributing some thoughts on National Breast Cancer Awareness month and remember all of the woman who have fought this disease. Breast cancer has touched a number of close friends of mine over the past 5 years, and fortunately they have all waged their valiant fights and have emerged victors.

I wanted to highlight one special woman, who is coming to the end of a very tough journey.  Cancer-free, she completes the last of her reconstructive surgeries in the next couple of weeks.  She has been walking mountains over the past year, with many emotional lows, but also many emotional highs.  Her amazingly positive and upbeat march through her illness left me having to remind myself many times that she had Breast Cancer. She wrote throughout the year on her blog as well as Carepages – which kept friends and family updated and informed of her musings, challenges and triumphs, as well as displayed her sound sense of humor which never left her side.

I also admired her bravery at work – electing not to get a wig, but sporting baseball caps and scarves, and when she had just a very fine layer of hair – she elected to go au naturale and walked around confidently.

This month she is featured on a bottle of Gatorade along with two other cancer survivors from PepsiCo.   In her picture she is striking a very peaceful yoga pose. It’s a nice way to bring closure to a challenging year – and for her to share her story with others.

So here’s a salute to my friend Lori Marcus, a very wise woman indeed.


  • Stacy Says:
    10-12-2009 16:09:28

    I’ve been following Lori’s blog for about a year. She is wise, beautiful and absolutely amazing!

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