Palin Waxing Poetry

sarah-palin-resignation-videoAfter so much political blogging last fall, I couldn’t help but to bring up Sarah Palin one more time.  Her resignation of the governorship of Alaska has intrigued me.  Her rationale for doing so has intrigued me more.  The speeches she has given since this announcement – confusing, circular, and amusing.  If you missed the Conan O’Brien show the other night, he had William Shatner (noted Thespian) come in and recite Palin’s final speech from this past weekend. As you will see from this clip, it was extremely poetic in nature (click here).  All I can think is what in the heck is going through her head?  And what must McCain be thinking?

All that aside, I know she’s had a tough road to deal with since the election.  It will be very interesting to see what becomes of her over the next couple of years.  If she’s smart, she’ll enjoy life and family, and make lots of money giving speeches and writing a book.  However, I do think she seems to enjoy the spotlight – and despite the thinking that she’s ruined her chances for higher office given her resignation – I will be amazed if she doesn’t show up on the political scene again.

What are your thoughts? Is she done with politics or not?


  • Stacy Says:
    7-31-2009 06:52:31

    I love it! Just posted it on my facebook page (giving you credit of course)!

  • Charlotte Says:
    7-31-2009 07:55:15

    I predict either a Palin reality show…envision gun toting Sarah hunting moose and tending to the husband’s sled dogs or a QVC spot for clip on nails and Aqua Net hair products.

  • ann Says:
    7-31-2009 08:59:21

    a book titled “making tacky work for you” or “how to work the spunk factor” or “i don’t know much about anything but i love what i think?”

    undoubtedly the book would make money. i’m not sure though that it would make more money than the acqua net commercials.

    can you imagine having to travel on a long ride with her voice doing an audio book??? yew.

    sorry i missed shatner’s reading of her statement. must have been priceless.

    on a more serious note she is self aggradising, vainglorious with fatal grandiosity.

    damn, and i thought i was going to be nice today. oh well, call ‘em like you see ‘em.

    now go out and tell the good ole boys at the diner that they need to start thinking with their brains (if they have any) instead of other parts of their anatomy.

    i’m probably preaching to the choir here but it is sooooo satisfying to vent.

    have a good weekend ladies.

  • Cindy L Says:
    8-2-2009 20:09:52

    She made my teeth curl on the campaign trail. I kept shaking my head and thinking, “Only in America ….” That said, she’s as entertaining as she is bizarre — in a goofy, Tiny Tim kind of way. I can actually look forward to seeing more of her, just knowing that Tina Fey could have another field day with new Palin routines. As a politician? Lordy, can anyone take Palin seriously?

    I should add that, as a professional journalist and author, I think it’s disheartening and discouraging when people like Palin (and Joe the Plumber) wrangle these amazing book deals without knowing how to spell and construct sentences. Especially in a climate when most authors and publishers are struggling with no relief in sight.

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