The Heart of it All

itouch1A few months ago I wrote about the allure of the Apple.  This was about at the time that i-Phones were being introduced, and thousands were lining up outside Apple stores.  Apple never ceases to amaze me – I can be in the mall on the slowest day of the week, and the Apple store is still bustling.  Any day, any hour – it’s busy and vibrant.  My husband wanted to buy Apple stock last fall when it was way down (around $80).  Of course, he didn’t, and it’s now in the $140s.

Well in the past couple of weeks, my husband has become an i-Phone owner, myself an i-Touch owner.  I received it for my 21st anniversary (21 years must be the technology year, since I received an i-Touch and he received a Kindle).  We both are totally impressed by our new gadgets.  Luckily his is a company benefit, as the monthly fees are quite high ($100+/month).  Benefit-wise, the only real difference between the two is that fact that the i-Touch is not a phone, and only has internet access in wireless areas.  

I was fortunate to be traveling with my sister last weekend, so I was able to turn over my new aquisition to her, who got it up and running for me.  What she said about the i-Touch would be a brilliant ad campaign.  ”I call it my heart , she said.  ”Everything that I love in life is on here.”  Pictures, family videos, her favorite music, all the key contact information of family and friends, her calendar, pod casts, the ability to manage email and access the internet … and of course those ever-enterprising apps.  I’ve realized that you can spend a lot of time browsing the app store.  Many are free downloads – so I’ve downloaded pandora, facebook and (yes, I’m a walking dictionary now).  So far I’ve purchased a grocery list manager, and a to do list manager.  I haven’t started using them yet, but I know one day they’ll make me super organized.  Anyone who has any favorite apps, please let me know.  I can see how buying these very inexpensive applications can become quite addictive.

One of the best things is that I am no longer a bad mom who doesn’t carry pictures of my family in my wallet – now I literally carry thousands. That first person who asks to see, will be sorry.



  • dnevolin Says:
    7-31-2009 09:08:38

    stupid fucking site. Worthless

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