Chicken Wire Takes on a Whole New Meaning

dsc_03731As I was looking at the latest round of pictures I took of the chicks, I realized that this is the first time, in all the times I’ve used chicken wire for projects, that I’ve used it for what it is purported to do – contain chickens.  I realize that there is maybe 2% of you that are actually interested in our new lives as chicken farmers, so for those 2% – I’ll keep reporting, occasionally, to fill you in on the sordid details.  For the rest of you, please bare with me.  

So far, so good.  (I think this primarily has to do with the fact that young animals make little poops). These 10 chicks are still relatively cute – although I know their days of cutedom are numbered.  Given that they are now four weeks old (which means 5 months ’til eggs), this was the first weekend that we could let them venture outside.  Of course, they were relatively forced out their door – as two pairs of young hands grabbed, lifted and pushed them outside and down the ramp into their new outdoor pen.  Once there, I think they rather liked it.  

I’m rather amused by how my husband has taken to his new role as well.  He likes to check on the chicks just as much as the young boys, and has busily been building indoor perches, outdoor perches, nesting boxes, climbing stumps and a ramp with steps.  

Pictured above is the chick named Tom.  He (well she really) was the one we were most worried about when they arrived in their little box – flown in from Ohio.  She was definitely the smallest, but has become rather assertive, and is mostly seen hopping right into the middle of the feeding dish.  Her feathers and markings are quite beautiful, and she stands up a bit straighter than the rest of the chicks.  Ironically we also have a chick named Michael Jackson (MJ) – who was named so before the superstar died… I guess our own special family tribute(!)  While I’m a bit embarrassed to report on how he was named – he was named so by my teenagers because of his black and white feathers.

So now we need to start researching how to make these chickens super healthy egg producers – free range, grass fed, eggs with high omega 3s (I think they primarily get this by eating flax seed).  While I must say I’m still eating chicken, and I don’t think twice about doing so, it does make you think about the food chain – and what the animals eat, you ultimately eat.    Ahhh, a topic for another day (still want to see the new Food, Inc. documentary that is out).





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