A Flight Safety Video To Stay Awake For

air-new-zealandWhile I’m not that frequent a flyer, I am guilty of ignoring the flight attendants as they explain the safety info at the start of each flight. Dumb, I know. My only defense is that I fall asleep within minutes of settling into my window seat. I’ve found that sleeping through take-off is the one, sure-fire way to quell my anxiety during flying.

However, I may have to find a new strategy when/if I fly Air New Zealand. This week’s video is the airline’s in-flight safety video – with crew members dressed only in body paint.

An added bonus: You’ll love their Kiwi accents! Enjoy the “Nothing to Hide” campaign!


  • Stacy Says:
    7-8-2009 09:35:56

    Really cute! Great advertising campaign. Thanks for the link.

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