Uh, oh – I said Yes to More than a Fish

dsc_0545Uh, oh.  I said yes to more than a Fish.

I’m a dog person.  That being said, I don’t have a dog.  I’m constantly having a mental struggle about whether to have a dog or not to have a dog.  My biggest stumbling block is the amount of time we’re on the go and out of town.   Managing the logistics of what to do with a dog is something I’m not quite ready for.  

Well in a weak moment, I said yes to a chicken.  I should say eight chickens.  I can justify it under the guise of academics.  My son is in an Agriculture Science program in high school, and with participation in this program comes membership in the Future Farmers of America.  So you see, owning chickens is just purely and simply a school project – kind of like homework.  And of course the big side benefit is nice and tasty fresh organic eggs.  Very expensive eggs, I might add.  My wise women friend Charlotte thinks I’ve fallen off my rocker.

So the “coop” has been furiously under construction.  An extension to our once playhouse, now shed.  The back now serves as the roosting zone.  My husband relishes in the construction – and I do agree – the building of the structure is a good family project. 

My wise women friend next door neighbor has been very good at biting her tongue when we discuss these new neighbors that are moving into our back yard – no rooster I insist. Just chickens – and just remember, fresh eggs.

As you read this, the chicks have reportedly hatched.  They are being mailed from Ohio and will arrive any day at our local post office.  That event in and of itself, I hear, is something to witness.  I know the kids will have sheer delight on their faces when they hold a 4 day old chick in their hands. 

And I’m sure I’ll have more blog worthy reports on my new venture in chicken farming…


  • Joanne Says:
    6-8-2009 19:25:41

    Wow, a whole latte excitement going on over here! You might like to read the book “Still Life With Chickens,” a memoir by Catherine Goldhammer. It chronicles the author’s year of transition post-divorce and a move as she purchases six baby chickens during the process. A story about finding grace in life, very nicely told. Enjoy, looking forward to future chicken posts!

  • Elaine Says:
    6-9-2009 06:01:20

    Anne, I always knew you were a cool chick. You didn’t have to go literal on me to prove it! :-) Good luck!!!!!

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