Prom Flashback

prom-golf-balls Over the weekend, I was zipping along a well-traveled road near my house when I saw a colorful, sandwich-board sign in the median.

“Jennifer. Prom? Stu.”

The invitation’s simplicity and boldness brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. As I continued along, I caught the answer in my rear view mirror: “Stu, Yes!” painted on the back of the sign.

(I went back on Sunday morning to take a picture of the sign so you, too, could be nostalgic along with me, but, alas, the sign was gone. So, I found this equally creative, even if less high impact, invitation on the Web.)

To me, these sweet invitations invoke an era of days gone by, before the hyped pressure to be uber creative and over-the-top when asking a date to prom, a frenzy fueled by sites like Prom Spot, “the #1 prom planning site from The Knot.”

Of course, the sign also got me thinking about my own prom experience. I attended the requisite formal dances in both my junior and senior years (prom and senior dinner dance, respectively.) Both times, I went with guys who were more friends than love interests, and I have absolutely no idea how either guy asked me … or, even whether they asked me. (Although I think they must have because high schooler Elaine was not self-assured enough to ask a boy out.)

I had a fine time at both dances. I remember it was fun to dance and people-watch. But, I also remember feeling sadly deflated at the end of the night.

Back at home taking off the much-sought-after dress and climbing into bed, I realized that there was no more possibility that the prom fairy would sprinkle her magical fairy dust on me that night. It simply was not my turn for heart-stopping passion nor leg-popping kisses (the latter reference courtesy of Anne Hathaway in the movie “Princess Diaries”). Despite months of anticipation and teenage fantasies, prom night was just another night of hanging out with friends, notwithstanding the beautiful dress and balloon-filled ballroom.

Will Jennifer and Stu have different, more endearing prom memories to share in another 30 years? The romantic in me really hopes so. I guess those teenage dreams never die …

Dare I ask, how was YOUR prom night (regardless of whether you actually attended the dance)?


  • Sharon Says:
    5-27-2009 08:29:55

    In high school, when I went to a prom, I made my dress, went with a boy who was a friend, and had more fun than I expected to have. There was always a group of us that went to dinner beforehand or bought tickets together so we sat at the same table at the dance. It was also the days of live bands, so the dancing was great. Those are good memories for me.

  • Cindy L Says:
    5-29-2009 07:17:55

    Awwww, what a sweet post! Things like this remind me that kids today haven’t totally lost the sense of “innocence” that adults claim they have. I have such hope for these young people!

    I went to my high school proms with the man who is now my dear husband of 28 years. We had a great time, and we still laugh at the photos of ourselves from those prom nights.

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