Making Connections – Easter Style

lynns-easter-egg-tree-003Coming off of Wednesday’s blog – A Brand New Day – I’ll have to share how my sister spent her 41st birthday last Saturday. This year she has vowed to take things more slowly, breathe in, and enjoy every moment – or at least a good number of them. This is one example of how she is executing her mission.

So together with her daughters and her two neighbors and their kids (because it’s always Better When We’re Together), they embarked on an afternoon project of creating an Easter Egg tree.  They blew out the eggs – first using an exacto knife to crack a small hole in each end, then stuck a thin piece of wire (or paperclip) in to break up the yolk.

Following Martha Stewart’s lead on how to decoupage the eggs (click here for directions) – they all created beautiful eggs to hang on their Easter Egg Tree of forsythia branches – just starting to bloom.  So a delightful afternoon was had by all – a beautiful decoration created for Easter, and fun family and friend time spent together. 


  • Joanne Says:
    3-27-2009 07:43:36

    What a perfect afternoon, creating and being with loved ones. The Easter Egg tree has a wonderfully artistic flair to it!

  • Barb Says:
    3-27-2009 12:15:09

    What a great idea. I always remember that we had a hand-blown-egg-tree in the house when I was a girl, but I’ve never made one.

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