Wise Women Big Bucks Giveaway: The Winner Is…

christmas-presentWe wise women are a generous and eclectic bunch!

For the Wise Women Big Bucks Giveaway, we nominated a wide range of charities focusing on medical concerns (treatment, research, family support), children issues, domestic violence, literacy, nature, and the mentoring of women. Thanks to all who submitted nominations. You helped educate us and raise the profile of your nonprofit.

With all these worthy entries, thank goodness we elected to select a “winner” randomly. The recipient of this year’s Wise Women Big Bucks Giveaway is … (drum roll, please) …

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation nominated by Lori and Stacy.

As promised, Wise Women Coffee Chat will make an initial $100 donation to the foundation. But, we’d like to donate a lot more (see below).

Ten years ago, twin sisters Kathy Guisti and Karen Andrews formed the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) after Kathy was diagnosed with the blood cancer (cancer of the plasma cell, more accurately). MMRF’s mission is to urgently and aggressively fund research that will lead to the development of new treatments for multiple myeloma.

And, in only a decade, MMRF has achieved impressive results. MMRF was instrumental in supporting four new treatments in four years, improvements in 5- and 10-year survival rates and an increase in life expectancy from 4 to almost 7 years. Wow! To learn more about the foundation’s ground-breaking efforts, read this January 2008 article from The New Yorker.

Now, the donation drive needs to kick into high gear.

We want as many people as possible to leave a comment below to support or give a shout out to MMRF. We will donate $1 for every comment through December 31, 2008. We encourage you to pass along the link http://wisewomencoffeechat.com/2008/12/wise-women-big-bucks-giveaway-the-winner-is/ to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to leave comments. The pledge is good for up to 200 comments (1 comment per person), and it would be a shame to “leave money on the table” by not hitting that ceiling.

Comments can be as simple as you want (“Thanks, MMRF!) and even posted under the name “anonymous.” We want to make it easy for those of you who are regular readers, but haven’t ventured into commenting yet. And, of course, easy for all of you who are stopping by because you’re MMRF supporters. Welcome!mmrf-founders

It is clear that Kathy and Karen are wise women, wise women with a passionate cause! Take 30 seconds to support their passion. Leave a comment and help fund the development of new treatment for this oft-overlooked, yet fatal disease.


  • Elaine Says:
    12-18-2008 07:39:37

    Allow me to leave the first comment:

    I’d never even HEARD of multiple myeloma until today’s blog. I’m very impressed with what I’ve read about MMRF. Best of luck.

  • Catherine Says:
    12-18-2008 10:57:51

    I was also unaware of this cancer. Thanks Wise Women for donating to such a great cause at Christmas.

  • Leanne Says:
    12-18-2008 11:40:41

    Sounds like a worthy cause! Thank you wise women for your generous spirit and giving!!!!!
    You rock!

  • Stacy Says:
    12-18-2008 12:02:21

    Approximately 20 years ago when my Mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma she was given two years to live. She and my Dad moved to Florida and my Mom finally got that swimming pool that she always wanted! She lived for two years almost to the day of her diagnosis. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that life expectancy has increased. Thank you Anne and Elaine for your generosity.

  • Maya Says:
    12-18-2008 17:05:33

    Thank you Elaine and Anne for coming up with such a creative way to give. I have to admit, I was eagerly awaiting today’s date to see which charity was the lucky winner!
    Now, I’m getting back at all those people that send me obnoxious chain letter emails, and attaching the link to this site. I won’t go so far to suggest that evil spirits will be visited upon them if they don’t click and comment, but I will somehow imply it….

  • Cindy H Says:
    12-19-2008 07:54:46

    Hi, everyone. When I read that MMRF was the winning charity, I wanted to share with everyone this link:


    I’m a big fan of jazz musician/singer Diana Krall, whose mother, Adella, passed away in 2002 after a brave battle with MM. The family has actively supported the cause of fighting MM, including special fundraisers with high-profile names, including Diana’s husband, Elvis Costello, and Elton John, even Bill Clinton. For the next event, I believe James Taylor is joining the line-up.

  • Cathy O. Says:
    12-19-2008 11:09:46

    Thank you Anne and Elaine for supporting such a worthy non-profit. In this economy it is important for us all to continue to donate what we can to help agencies that rely on our support.

  • Anne Says:
    12-19-2008 13:50:54

    There’s a great article on Kathy Guisti, who is on the cover of New Canaan/Darien magazine this month. Here is the link: http://www.mofflymedia.com/Moffly-Publications/New-Canaan-Darien-Magazine/December-2008/Life-Triumphant/. Her story is an amazing one, and she has made enormous contributions over the past few years working on a cure. I know you’ll be inspired when you read her story.

  • lori Says:
    12-19-2008 16:01:10

    wow. On behalf of the board of the MMRF and on behalf of all of us who adore Kathy Giusti, let me say thanks. I see that others have already posted the link to the recent article in New Canaan magazine. Let me add the link to a recent CNBC special that featured Kathy and the foundation:

    you can watch highlights here or watch it again on CNBC on:

    Sunday, December 21st 10p ET
    Wednesday, December 24th 4p ET
    Thursday, December 25th 2p ET
    Thursday, January 1st 7a | 11p ET

  • Mary Says:
    12-19-2008 23:53:14

    Thank you for donating to an important cause! May others not have to lose a loved one to Multiple Myeloma as quickly as I had to.

  • Lora Says:
    12-20-2008 08:07:41

    Thank you for your generosity to this important cause of MM.

  • ML Says:
    12-20-2008 13:48:43

    An extra day, week, month or year with a loved one is a priceless gift… Thank you for your support.

  • Carrie Says:
    12-20-2008 19:43:31

    Keep up the good work for this important cause!

  • Kerri Says:
    12-20-2008 23:20:10

    What a great idea! I hope that this will help cure this disease! Good Luck!

  • Jackson Says:
    12-21-2008 10:40:33

    Thank you for supporting such a great cause!

  • Beth Says:
    12-21-2008 13:50:55

    Thanks for helping. I have a selfish motive for wanting to see a cure developed for myeloma. It’s been my unwanted constant companion since January of 2003. I’m grateful for your efforts and am in awe of Kathy and Karen, who refused to just sit back and let myeloma take lives.

  • Skippy Says:
    12-21-2008 16:57:16

    This was a wonderful idea – to make a contribution to an excellent cause. Thank you Elaine & Anne for your compassion and generosity.

  • mary Says:
    12-21-2008 19:40:19

    We have a friend who has multiple myeloma and we are anxious to find a cure.

  • deb Says:
    12-21-2008 19:41:19

    I left a comment a few minutes ago, but I don’t see it. I said, “Bravo!” I am happy that you are supporting the search for a cure for MM. Thank you!

  • Sue Says:
    12-21-2008 19:54:19

    What a great cause. Thanks to Wise Women for their generous contribution.

  • Greg Says:
    12-23-2008 10:59:33

    Having lost a loved one to multiple myeloma it would be easy for me to ask your readers to support this worthy cause, instead, I ask that everyone find at least one worthy cause that they believe in and support it with passion.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  • Sharon Says:
    12-23-2008 19:50:41

    I just learned something new. Thank you for sharing the information and supporting this important cause.

  • grandma Says:
    12-23-2008 22:11:01

    kudos on your choice!
    Any help in fighting an illness is a good thing.I would be happy to contribute to your worthy cause.

  • mom Says:
    12-24-2008 10:25:14

    Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause, it’s one of the lesser known cancers and we need a cure!

  • Brian Says:
    12-26-2008 23:01:27

    What a great cause. Keep up the good work!

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