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A few weeks back, Elaine blogged about different ways to go green. (Click HERE to read her blog).  Stacy, one of our faithful commenters, shared a number of different ways she “recycles” – which has included turning many different objects into works of art.  Clearly she is an artist, as even if I could conceive of some of what she has done, I don’t think I could successfully execute it.  One of my favorite things that she does is buys old pairs of ice skates (white girl’s pairs are particularly charming) at tag sales, paints a winter scene on them, and then hangs the pair on the front door in lieu of a holiday wreath.

So I must ask, what would you do with an old kitchen sink if you found it out in the woods?  Well Stacy found a sink, and turned it into a garden bench with a beautiful mosaic design.  Here are the steps – and the pictures marking the progress of this creation:

1.  Find an old sink.  Turn it upside down – and it obviously (not) has the potential to be a bench:  tn-81 

2.  Get some old plywood to create a back, and place PVC piping, cut in half along it to create a design:  tn

3.  Put PVC piping on the lower front as well, and make arm rests out of wood, with a half of a PVC pipe to make rounded arms. Then cover with a mesh wire.


4.  Mix up some cement, and cover the sink, plywood and piping to create a smooth surface:


5.  Then Stacy used old plates/china that she had collected from tag sales and made a mosaic design:


 It truly is an amazing creation!  And believe me, Stacy has no shortage of ideas.  If I could ever have the vision for this, I would then have no idea where to begin.  Stacy, this could be another calling for you if you ever decide to switch gears!


  • Jen Says:
    11-19-2008 09:39:08

    I think I know that Stacy you are referring to, and it’s not just sinks that she can transform into something beautiful. She can take a wild and wiggly 4th grader and turn her into a dedicated, piano-playing musician, and if that isn’t the sign of a miracle worker, I don’t know what is!

  • Linda Says:
    11-19-2008 09:43:14

    Stacy is an amazing woman. She is incredible with her students whether they are in their 50′s or elementary school. She really brings something beautiful out in all of them and it is not just the love of music.

  • Greg Says:
    11-19-2008 12:21:26

    The people who know and have written about Stacy are telling the truth. I’ve known her for about 43 years now. She travels using an old hat box as luggage and her boots are always comfortably worn.
    She’s my sister.

  • Anne Says:
    11-19-2008 21:24:11

    Jen & Linda: You’re right. I didn’t even touch on Stacy’s true calling – and that is in inspiring so many with the love of music. She is truly a renaissance woman!

  • Jeanne Says:
    11-20-2008 07:43:54

    Stacy truly is an artist! Thank you for showing this beautiful creation! I may not be able to create a bench, but I LOVE the ice skates idea! Now I just need to find an artist to paint the scene. Stacy, are you available? hehe. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Stacy Says:
    11-20-2008 14:39:26

    Thank you all so, so much! I definitely felt like “Queen for a Day”.

  • Caesar Says:
    11-20-2008 15:11:42

    Hey, I know that gal too. She happens to be my daughter. She is all the wonderful things other people have said about her and more. Tallented, intelligent, beautiful, free spirited, energetic, creative, loving, and best of all, has wonderful lineage.

  • Elaine Says:
    11-23-2008 08:49:51

    Stacy, I’m a little late joining the chorus of admiration, but I gotta say, you’ve got talent – and a big fan club, too! ;-) Since I’m such a left-brained individual, I’m fascinated (and more than a little envious) of your talents.

  • Cindy L. Says:
    11-23-2008 15:52:27

    What a clever idea — fabulous project! And don’t you love the term, “Renaissance Woman”?

  • Robi Says:
    12-4-2008 08:43:37

    Didn’t know about the bench or the ice skates. But Stacy once brought me her homemade individual-sized almond cakes stacked into the prettiest pyramid, daintily packaged, topped off with a purple bow. Wow! Never will forget that– the art in it was so impressive. PLUS, they were yummy AND she generously e-mailed me the recipe.
    Stacy is also fun and friendly which makes me very happy to know her.

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