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dsc_0233I end the week with a shout out to all of you – and a request for you to think about your own stories and/or inspirations you may want to share with us.  We would love to have more guest bloggers writing for us – and as you can tell from the content on Coffee Chat with 1000 Wise Women, just about anything goes.  The important thing is for us to share our ideas, perspectives, our how tos and personal experiences.  We all benefit greatly from sharing our stories, and I believe the community that we are trying to create here will become more powerful and connected if there are more voices represented.

So this weekend will probably be full of pulling out cookbooks, menu planning and grocery shopping for Thanksgiving.  As you’re running around on errands, and stirring the gravy on the stove next week, think of what you can share, and reach out to us either via a comment or email.

Elaine and I would be happy to write your story, or be happy to accept your own written story to post.  Have a special hobby?  Share it!  Have a special dream?  Share it!  Worked out a solution to managing the stress that faces us each day? Share it! Mastered the art of parenting?  Share it!  There are so many things to share.

We would love to hear from you.  Have a great weekend.


  • Doxbrooro Says:
    5-17-2009 20:39:07

    hmm. thanks :)

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