Jump out of your Dinner Time Slump

noname3School has just begun, and already my neighbor and I were commiserating over just what to feed the kids.  It’s easy to get stuck in a dinner slump – making a limited range of dinners that you know are safe with your kids.  I also struggle with the veggies – is it peas, broccoli or carrots tonight?  Really, what a bore.  I still feel guilty when I think of the very balanced meals my mother always prepared – at least 3 veggies a night and such a wide variety.  Of course I didn’t like a good number of them, but did I eat them?  Yes, I did.

One thing I do have going for me is that my children do like flavor and spice.  Following is a recipe that my children love – and the nice thing is, it can be the one and only on the dinner plate if you are too tired to serve anything else.  Also note, if you decide to pull some of the ingredients out – like the mushrooms or bean sprouts, it still works.  And it’s easy to prepare – not more than 10 minutes of prep and 10 minutes to cook.  So maybe this can offer up a little change of pace:

Moo-Shu Pork (4 servings)

1 T soy sauce
2 tsp cornstarch
5 tsp vegetable oil, divided
8 oz lean, boneless pork loin, cut into 1/4″ thick strips
1 tsp butter
2 large eggs, beaten
1 small red pepper, thinly sliced
1 pkg (8oz) sliced mushrooms
3 green onions, chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 T grated ginger
2 cups of bean sprouts
1/4 cups of chicken broth
8 small flour tortillas
1/4 cup hoisin sauce

1.  In medium bowl, combine soy sauce, cornstarch, 1 tsp oil, and pork strips.  Marinate 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, in small nonstick skillet, heat butter over medium high heat.  Add eggs; scramble until cooked but not dry.  Transfer to large bowl and set aside.

2.  In large nonstick skillet, heat 2 tsp oil over high heat.  Add pork and cook, stirring, until browned about 2 minutes.  Transfer to bowl with scrambled eggs.

3.  Heat remaining oil in skillet, and add pepper, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and ginger.  Stir fry until vegetables are softened, about 3 minutes.  Add bean sprouts; cook 1 minute more.  Add broth; heat to boiling; stir in eggs and pork.

4.  Warm tortillas in microwave, about 30 seconds (I usually wet two paper towels and put the tortillas between them in the microwave), and brush hoisin sauce over centers.  Divide vegetable pork mixture among tortillas and roll up.

Source:  Cooking Light.


  • Elaine Says:
    9-12-2008 14:51:57

    Three veggies a night?!?!? Your mom was ahead of her time!

    BTW, where’s the lipstick on that pig? ;-)

  • Vegan Queen Says:
    9-12-2008 16:33:43

    I substitute beets for pork in my version.

  • Cindy L Says:
    9-12-2008 20:05:46

    When my son was in high school — with more extra-curricular activities — I bought a big slower cooker and a couple of good slow-cooker cookbooks. This really saved the day. These days, there are much healthier (and tastier) slow cooker recipes, like one-pot Mexican dishes that are kid-friendly. I also “roast” my kosher turkey breasts from Trader Joe’s in a crock pot. You rub a package of onion soup over the breast, throw in some onions and redskins, and you’re done … There’s nothing nicer than coming home to a hot dinner that you threw together in the morning!

  • Stacy Says:
    9-13-2008 08:06:00

    I just used my crock pot the other day and made a delicious New England Clam Chowder. As Cindy L. said, you just put all of the ingredients in the pot in the morning and eat a hot dinner at 6:00.

  • Anne Says:
    9-18-2008 22:00:01

    OK, Stacy, I’m ready for the clam chowder recipe.

  • kudd Says:
    5-19-2010 09:43:26

    Nice pork recipe, I may try it soon, thx

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