The Allure of the Shiny Red Apple

apple_logo_red_wo_background1Last Friday I was driving downtown for a doctor’s appointment, and passed a long line of folks lazing about on the sidewalk outside of the AT&T store.  What could that be about, I thought?  Well, obviously I was not tuned into the latest & greatest….and was totally unawares of the new Apple iPhone 3G hitting the market.  Unbeknownst to me, a few miles further downtown within the hallowed walls of the Stamford Town Center, the same “iFrenzy” was taking place, as another long line was forming outside of the Apple store.  

What is the mental pathology, I must ask, that drives people to want to be the first at owning something….that demands that they spend useless hours waiting in line in order to make that coveted purchase?  I could maybe understand it if there were limited supplies, but I just called the Apple store, and there are still iPhones available, with new shipments coming in nightly.  True, you can spend those hours, engaging in productive IMing and Blackberrying or just chatting with your friendly new neighbor.  (Not kidding – one woman in this line at the Apple Store was standing in line not to buy the phone, but just for the pure commaraderie of it ….makes me wonder…).  And what about the people that just join the line, not even with a clue about what they’re in line for?

The Red Shiny Apple has cast a spell over the world.  People of all ages, sizes, sexes and backgrounds walk in trances, arms extended, looking for the holy grail.  Over the horizon, they spot it, the shimmering Apple beckoning, beckoning them in.  So Friday in the world of Appleland, lines formed world wide across 21 countries.  And after waiting HOURS in line for their prize, they were greeted with network problems….creating a global burden on the iTunes servers, which Apple and AT&T use in the iPhone activation process.  Slowdowns were first reported in Europe; servers slowed further as East Coast stores opened and then crashed shortly after West Coast stores opened.   

So I have to know….were you one of those people standing in line last Friday?  And how is that iPhone? Was the wait in line worth it?  For me, I just keep on thinking that I have to buy some of that stock.  This is an Apple that never ceases to amaze me.


  • Elaine Says:
    7-14-2008 07:40:48

    I just learned how to text on my little ‘ole cell phone, so it will be years before I graduate to the IPhone.

  • gentle reader Says:
    7-14-2008 10:52:34

    I had an iPhone–the original version, and I must say it was love at first sight. I did not, however, wait in a three-hour line for it. Then it got stolen, so I decided to wait for the new iPhone to come out before I replaced it. And I bought a $14 phone at Target in the meantime. Which sucks, but it works. I can’t wait for my new iPhone, but every day I call the Apple Store to find out how long the wait is, and it is, shall we say, prohibitive. I refuse to stand in that kind of line for anything. Even ice cream. So I guess I won’t be getting the holy grail for what? A week? Two? Will they even make enough of these things?

  • Kathleen Says:
    7-14-2008 12:41:24

    I, too, plan to purchase an iPhone (my first, and a birthday present to myself). But I, too, refuse to wait in line that long. And if I have to wait a few months because they didn’t make enough to deal with initial demand, oh well. I’ll be disappointed, but at least I won’t have stood in line for three hours when I could have been doing something much more interesting or productive or fun.

  • Anne Says:
    7-14-2008 21:30:47

    And remember all, it’s like buying a new car. Give it some time, and it will become much cheaper!

  • myra Says:
    7-14-2008 22:12:03

    nope, that wasn’t me in line. but i would love one when the price point is more in line with reality.

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