Do you believe in Women’s Intuition?


Do you think there\'s a shark in the pool? Do you think there’s a shark in the pool?

Do you listen to that voice in your head?  Have you ignored that voice before, and lived to regret it?  That happened to me just last year.  I ignored my women’s intuition, and a mild disaster ensued.  More on that later.

Are you a believer in the philosophy of The Secret? Do you look for little signs to guide you in your decision making?  Are the answers you’re looking for sometimes right in front of your face, but sometimes very hard to see? Do you see dead people? (no just kidding).  I do listen to those voices I hear, and I’m now at a point that as soon as a negative thought enters my head, I try to shut it down. After the aforementioned “event,” I’m worried that every negative thought could turn into reality.   

It was a year ago April.  We had just finished gutting and refinishing our Family Room, a room above our garage.  We had a tree in our front yard, a few yards off the house, which had a slight lean to it – towards the new Family Room.  Granted, until we had remodeled, I had never (in 4 years of living there) noticed any lean.  All of a sudden it was there before my eyes.  I thought, “well, maybe I should get that taken care of.”  So I proceeded with calling the arborists and getting estimates.  It was a Thursday, and one of the companies told me they could come out the next day to take care of it.  ”No” I replied, as I was still waiting for my lowest bidder to provide insurance documentation.  As a Noreaster was due to hit on Sunday, I started questioning that decision all weekend.  ”I really should have had that tree taken down I kept thinking.”  Well about 6PM Sunday evening, we hear a big crash.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a big tree crashing onto my roof, just as I’d feared.  I was honestly in big time disbelief.  And then ensued the leaks into the ceiling (with roof crashing in, oh my new insulation and newly painted ceiling was ruined).  dsc_2776

Well, the good news is that insurance paid to take down that tree.  No one was hurt.  Compared to what others suffered in this storm, we could deal with this.  But let’s twist this story of following our intuition and those signs in a positive light.  I was speaking to a friend today at work, who informed me she was leaving and taking a new job in California. This was a job change that she had not been looking for, but when you assess the situation, she followed the signs.

1.  First, one of her best friends emailed her one morning recently who had been living in Belgium.  ”We’re moving to San Francisco”, she said; “you have to move out there.”

2.  My friend, we’ll call her Ellen, laughed, but had no intention of leaving her job and going anywhere.

3.  That afternoon, a headhunter calls her out of the blue.  ”There’s a job opportunity in San Francisco.”

4.  Ellen decides to pursue it.  Shortly thereafter, she lands a new job – and again, a job which she was not looking for.

5.  The stars have magically aligned.  (A) She’s moving back to California where she once lived, a place where she and her partner longed to get back to one day. (B) Her parents and her partner’s father live in California, close to where they are moving to.  (C) They are moving to a place more accepting of their relationship, especially with the recently passed legislation on rights to marriage.

Honestly, I don’t know where I’m really going with this blog (I just wanted to write something that would allow me to use that hysterical shark picture).  But seriously, I think there is something practical about listening to those voices in your head.  You never know what new doors may open, or what disasters may be averted (:)) if you just listen.  Do you have any similar stories to share?


  • Cathy B. Says:
    7-16-2008 10:46:12

    The law of attraction is TRUE! I HAVE $5,000,000!!!! (You’re supposed to talk in present tense!) :)

  • Anne Says:
    7-16-2008 21:09:34

    Oh, and I just heard Bush is leaving office TOMORROW!! Plus I’ll raise you 1 to 6,000,000!

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