Peek Inside Elaine’s Fridge

fridge-peekAre you a tosser or a keeper? If I were to open up your fridge, could I find empty shelf space or would I have to resort to wedging/stacking/rearranging or other tricks used by keepers to shove more stuff in? By the way, how long has that half-used bottle of mustard been in your fridge anyway?

My curiosity about the storage (and shelf life) of food was piqued yesterday after my son Jackson heated up some Progresso soup for himself and then yelled at me, “Yeck! This soup tastes gross!” Since my last name is not Progresso, I didn’t take it personally and simply barked back (uh, I mean calmly replied), “Well, don’t eat it then.” But, I did start wondering how long the can had been sitting there, whether it’s possible for soup to go bad, and if Child Protective Services would be knocking at my door soon.

So, I found a site that lists how long you can keep food (opened and unopened) in your fridge and cupboard courtesy of MSNBC.

Of course, the next step was to do an inventory of my fridge to see how many mortal ‘food storage’ sins I have committed. Here’s what I found once I opened the door: Craisins, flour tortillas, half-gallon of maple syrup, Marie’s Buttermilk dip, oranges, grapes, pears, apples, carrots, chopped garlic, Wishbone dressing, Parmesan cheese (3 different containers), teriyaki marinade, 6 miscellaneous bottles of beer, feta cheese, coffee, gallon of milk, 2 half-used bottles of ketchup, reduced-fat cheddar cheese, butter, loaf of wheat bread, eggs, defrosting swordfish, 3 bottles of water, and 4 Nathan’s hot dogs (which looked like they’d been sitting in my fridge since 1916, the year Nathan’s was founded).

The hot dogs and 1 bottle of ketchup are now history. And I’m looking for a few good recipes to use up the Parmesan cheese. But, all in all, not bad. (In case you can’t tell, I’m a tosser AND I haven’t been shopping in over a week – grad school finals!)

So, what secrets would be revealed by a peek in your fridge?

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